Total Compensation Statements

What It’s About

Paychecks pay mortgages, buy food and make vacations possible. So it’s easy for employees to just focus on their net pay and forget about everything else that is part of their compensation. That’s where employers and their human resources teams need to step up and sell the value of their company.

Total Compensation Statements allow companies a chance to tout all of the benefits programs they provide that many employees may not be aware of. They provide the opportunity to show your employees how much you actually spend on them, as well as a vehicle to explain the more intangible but still important benefits you offer.


We have partnered with Brain Power Software, a technology company dedicated to engaging employees throughout their life-cycle within an organization, to make this valuable tool even better for your teams. This means you get all the benefits of a total compensation statement without the headaches that traditional ones require.

You can view our webinar on Online Total Compensation Statements here. We’ll give you a detailed account on how Hyundai Motors America built customized online total compensation statements to help employees better understand the true value of their benefits and other rewards.


A Total Compensation Statement Success Story

Tami Wlajnitz - Program Manager - Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC talks about the benefits of providing online total compensation statements to her thousands of employees. More employees have viewed their statements on average and the statements have been produced with 100% accuracy.

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