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Stay Compliant with State Individual Mandates

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What is it?

In December 2017, Congress repealed the federal financial penalties for individuals not having health insurance. Since then, some states have turned to state individual mandates in order to keep their healthcare marketplaces stable. As new state individual mandates are enacted, the level of compliance and complexity for employers increases.

If an employer with 50+ employees has even a single employee filing taxes in one of these states, that employer must comply with the state’s individual mandate by submitting Forms 1094-C and 1095-C. Each state defines reportable employees differently and has different file formats with different IT infrastructure and due dates.

Here’s How the Service Works

If you use our federal ACA reporting services and have employees in the affected states,
we’ll provide services and technology to help you navigate all the complex new rules, including:

Filing and submission of Forms 1094-C and 1095-C for applicable residents

Report submission and state filing setup

Easy self-service form review and approval

Technology for managing corrections and support

Please note - state reporting services are only available to customers who currently use PlanSource for federal ACA reporting services. Learn more about federal ACA reporting services.

Reporting Solution Deadlines & Pricing

With deadlines approaching for the 2020 tax reporting year, we've automatically opted in employers who have employees in states with state-specific ACA reporting requirements to help you avoid penalties. You'll still need to approve your forms under Data & Tools > ACA State Transmission before the deadlines – otherwise, we can't submit for you. 

2021 State Reporting Deadlines (Employer Electronic Filing)

 Note: Below dates are the Electronic Filing deadlines for employers. Form Approval is Required for Filing through PlanSource.

California - March 31, 2021

New Jersey - TBD

Rhode Island - TBD

Vermont - TBD

Washington D.C. - TBD



How To Approve Your State Forms

For detailed instructions, reference pages 8-9 on this document.

Screenshot of where to approve forms in ben admin

If you do not purchase our state compliance reporting service, you are not able to report manually through PlanSource. However, if you wish to report manually outside our system, or if your broker is reporting for you, you may opt out of the service using the form below. If you do not report for the 2020 tax year, you may be subject to financial penalties.

Please opt out if you do not want us to handle your state compliance reporting. 

*PlanSource will not allow state reporting without federal​
Pricing is the same for standalone clients​
Each FEIN will require their own state transmission. Additional fee of $100 per FEIN in excess of 5 FEINs may be applied​
No separate Implementation fees, already included with the Federal​

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