Webinar | Payroll and Benefits Go Together Like Peas and Carrots


What it’s about:

Sure, Forrest Gump was professing his love for how he and Jenny were made for each other, but the same is true of the relationship between payroll and benefits. Payroll and benefits have historically been two separate functions under the HR umbrella. But thanks to the Affordable Care Act – affectionately known as “Obamacare” – the two functions are now more dependent on each other than they ever have been. Now is the time to make sure your payroll and benefits system have all the makings of a healthy relationship. And that’s why PrimePay, the nation’s largest independent and privately owned payroll provider, and PlanSource, the leader in benefits enrollment and administration have partnered up to offer an integrated solution.

What you’ll learn:

How the worlds of payroll and benefits are converging

Why an integrated solution makes a lot of sense

How solutions like PrimePay and PlanSource are making this a reality


Steve Jackson
SVP, Strategic Development
& Channel Sales

Cat Carlos
Partner Marketing Manager

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