Quantifying Your 'Hidden Paycheck':

Best Practices for Creating and Communicating Total Compensation Statements


When it comes to compensation, net pay is only a portion of the total investment companies make in their people. But employees often only focus on pay and forget about everything else that goes into their comp packages – like financial rewards, medical benefits and even perks like flexible work and continuing education.

These benefits represent a huge “hidden paycheck” most companies aren’t quantifying or communicating to employees. This on-demand webinar teaches you how you can create Total Compensation Statements that help employees understand the true value of working at your organization. You’ll learn:

What exactly goes into a Total Compensation Statement and how to quantify it

Best practices for communicating and promoting to ensure they’re viewed, adopted and effective

How to use TCS to increase participation on benefits employees aren’t currently taking advantage of

Benefits of online Total Compensation Statements, especially in a remote-first workplace


Jessica Foust
Marketing and Communications Director, PlanSource

As a communications expert, Jessica’s passion is around the attraction, engagement and development of your most important asset – your employees. Jessica brings 15 years of marketing and communications experience across multiple industries and scale of businesses. She loves to dig into HR objectives and achieve them with modern design and internal content marketing. Jessica has a special love for video and believes it’s the most powerful way to communicate with employees. She also serves as a voice over artist to many companies in their marketing and communications efforts.

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