The ACA Saga
Where It’s Been, Where It Is Today, and Where It Might Go


What It's About

The Affordable Care Act was one of the largest and most far-reaching pieces of legislation in modern times. While its future is uncertain, it seems safe to say that it will be around (in some form) for years to come. Join the PlanSource ACA Gurus Jeana Parker and Jake Dekelver, as they take a deep dive into how the ACA has shaped the benefits landscape. You’ll learn best practices for navigating the current requirements, get practical tools to stay compliant with measurement and reporting requirements and discover how potential changes to the law may affect employers and employees going forward.

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What You’ll Learn

How the ACA came to be and its impact on business in the U.S.

What is required to stay compliant with current reporting requirements

How to prepare for future versions or replacements of the ACA

About the Speakers

Jeana Parker
VP Strategic Initiatives

Jeana Parker is an industry expert with over 16 years of benefits and HR Technology experience. Early in her career, Jeana built a benefits administration service center from the ground up for a startup organization that provided complete benefits administration outsourcing for mid to large-market employers. This accomplishment was instrumental to the company’s success. She currently leads our product team, and in her 9+ years with PlanSource, Jeana has played key roles in shaping not only our product, but also our service model. 

Jake Dekelver
ACA Consultant

Jake Dekelver is a Benefits Administration Manager specializing in ACA. He has helped hundreds of our customers navigate through the twists and turns of 1094-C & 1095-C creation, finalizing transmissions to meet IRS regulations and deadlines and spends a great deal of time reviewing current and upcoming feature enhancements to provide the best ACA client experience. Jake and his team are committed to building strong client and broker relationships while maintaining, growing and providing ongoing education of the PlanSource ACA platform.

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