Winning the War for Talent
How to Build an Outstanding Employee Experience with Your Benefits

Tuesday, February 12 | 2 pm ET

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What It’s About

The war for talent requires companies to rally all their troops, so savvy benefits teams across the country are bulking up their benefits in order to stay competitive. But an enticing benefits package alone isn’t going to cut it. In the war for talent, benefits pros need to be out on the front lines with a communication strategy that delivers an exceptional experience to attract and retain the best employees.

Join us for a free webinar with Bob Armour from Jellyvision, creators of ALEX, and Nancy Sansom from PlanSource, in which they’ll share seven ways you can leverage your benefits communications for an outstanding employee experience at your company. With unemployment at a record low and the labor market more competitive than ever, companies can’t afford not to update their communication strategies for a diverse and changing workforce.

What You'll Learn

How to borrow examples from exceptional customer experiences to build an exceptional employee experience

How to craft a year-round benefits communication strategy, hyper-focused on the employee experience, with a special emphasis on pre-boarding and onboarding

How to revamp your benefits communications to be more personalized, timely, and relevant for your employees

About Our Speakers

Nancy Sansom
Chief Commercial Officer

Nancy Sansom is the chief commercial officer for PlanSource. In this role, she leads marketing, strategy and partner development. With more than 15 years of executive leadership experience within high-growth software as a service (SaaS) companies, she excels in marketing, communications, profit and loss, product management, software design, business development, and HR.

Bob Armour
Chief Marketing Officer

Bob Armour is the chief marketing officer for Jellyvision, creators of ALEX. A marketing vet with more than 25 years of experience, Armour knows right-place, right-time messaging like the back of his hand. Since joining Jellyvision, Armour has immersed himself in the challenge of helping HR professionals communicate benefits to their employees in a uniquely personalized and effective way that makes them look like a hero – to their employees and their bosses.

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