Online Total Compensation Statements
A better way to showcase your employee benefits investment


What You’ll Learn

How to keep employees updated on their compensation and benefits

Hear about successful case studies from organizations that have made the switch to online total compensation statements

See a demo of total compensation statements integrated into the PlanSource employee experience

What It’s About

It’s easy for employees to forget the full investment that a company is putting into them and their work. Total compensation statements are a great way to keep them updated on all of their benefits and remind them of the total value of working at your company, but they can be a big, time-consuming project that you may have not had time to tackle in awhile (or ever). With online total compensation statements, you can give your employees an interactive view into the investment you are making in them, without the hassle of printing and mailing.

Join us for a free webinar with Michael Zaucha, President and COO at Brain Power Software, and Jessica Foust, Communications & Marketing Director at PlanSource, where they’ll show you how you can give your employees all the benefits of a total compensation statement without the headaches that traditional ones require. They will also give a detailed account about how Hyundai Motors America built customized online total compensation statements to help employees better understand the true value of their benefits and other rewards. 

About Our Speakers

Michael Zaucha, PhD
President and COO
Brain Power Software

As the President and COO of Brain Power Software, Michael directs all operations of the company. He brings with him a deep understanding of Human Resources as well as a rich background in software development, project management, sales, and account management. Customer service, quality of products, and education are the core principles that Michael has instilled throughout the Company. Brain Power Software has grown exponentially in the last few years and is now serving clients nationwide. Michael earned his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and his Doctorate in Bioengineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Jessica Foust
Marketing and Communications Director

Jessica Foust is a marketing and communications expert who specializes in developing and implementing messaging strategies. Jessica cultivates digital and interactive strategies to increase overall engagement and communication. This includes: video, web/product management, content marketing, social media, SMS text messaging, in addition to supporting traditional print content and mailings. She also has extensive experience in the technology industry and served as a tech expert for TV, radio and print outlets.

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