5 Steps to a Stress-Free Benefits Technology Implementation

Thursday, June 27th | 2pm ET (11am PT)

What It’s About

The contract is signed, the budget is approved, and you’re well on your way to benefits bliss with a brand new technology partner. But now comes the hard part: implementation. Implementing a new benefits or HR technology system can be a long, involved process, but it doesn’t have to be painful. With a solid strategy in place and realistic expectations from the beginning, it is possible to have an implementation experience that doesn’t make you regret everything.

Join us for a free webinar with PlanSource AVP of Operational Sales Support and implementation guru Shannon Osborne, where she’ll take you through five steps to help you on your way to a stress-free benefits administration technology implementation. From selecting the right technology partner for your organization, to planning a well-defined implementation strategy, to putting a contingency plan in place to handle the unexpected curveballs, we’ve got the tools HR departments need to sail through implementation.

What You'll Learn

Discover how to improve your chances for a smooth implementation before it even starts by choosing the right technology partner

Learn best practices for setting your implementation timeline and the right questions to ask during the planning process

Discuss the ultimate risk assessment strategy and how to create a thorough contingency plan

About Our Speaker

Shannon Osborne
AVP, Operational Sales Support

As the AVP of Operational Sales Support, Shannon plays a vital role in sculpting PlanSource’s daily operations. She is driven to enhance each and every client’s experience in onboarding and implementation and is the leading subject matter expert on PlanSource’s software functionality and operations. In her 9+ years at PlanSource, she has developed and maintained the quality assurance program which outlines processes according to the healthcare industry’s best practices and carrier requirements. She has a Masters of Science in Health Services Administration from the University of Central Florida.

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