It’s Time to Fight Back: 4 Strategies to Combat Rising Benefits Costs

Thursday, March 28 | 1pm ET

What It’s About

It’s no secret that health care expenses are on the rise, and if you’ve sought medical care recently, you probably don’t even need to see statistics to believe it. U.S. national health expenditures are predicted to increase 4.8 percent this year to a whopping $3.8 trillion. Employers and benefits advisers are prioritizing cost control as the biggest challenge of 2019, and the struggle to control those costs while still maintaining an attractive, competitive benefits offering.

Join us for a free 30-minute webinar in which we’ll cover creative strategies organizations can use to get the most ROI out of their health care spend. We’ll discuss how HR teams should depend on their broker to help strategize, optimize plan design, and use carrier partnership networks to bring down costs. As brokers’ roles shift to become more of an extension of the HR team, the fight to save money will drive innovation in the industry and spark more solutions to the growing problem.

What You'll Learn

Discover why dependent eligibility audits are an easy way to offset other costs in your benefits program

Learn how to leverage partnership networks to lower upfront costs or get money back

Get tips and best practices for cutting costs while ensuring your benefits offering is on par with the competitive market

About Our Speaker

Neil Mammele
Director, Demand Generation

Neil Mammele is the Director of Demand Generation. His background includes creating and optimizing marketing initiatives that drive awareness and generate leads for our sales team. His day-to-day includes managing all of PlanSource’s demand generation activities including: Social Media, Digital Marketing (Display, Search, Cost Per Click, Website Optimization, Retargeting), Email and more. He is also responsible for implementing data and lead management best practices, nurturing campaigns, and marketing automation.

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