Have a Happy OE: How HireRight Revamped their Benefits Program with OE Communications

Tuesday, September 24 1pm ET (10am PT)


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What It’s About

Open enrollment can feel like a huge final exam for benefits and HR professionals; all of the hard work that goes into designing the benefits program all year round is on display during OE. There is a lot to manage and prepare for, but it doesn't have to be so exhausting. With the right plan, you can transform this stressful time of year into the crowning jewel of your team’s hard work and showcase your creative benefits strategy.

Join us for a free webinar about how to create the perfect OE communications strategy. You'll learn how HireRight transformed their open enrollment participation by implementing a strategic communication plan, diversifying communications channels, using a theme and appealing to different learning styles. You’ll discover how to relieve the stress of the season with the right plan and tools and have a happy OE.

What You'll Learn

Learn how to build an effective OE communications strategy from planning to execution and follow up

Discuss what communication methods work best for employees from different generations

Hear how HireRight maximized OE results and achieved success with a strategic communications plan

About Our Speakers

Jessica Foust
Employee Communications Director

Jessica Foust is a marketing and communications expert who specializes in developing and implementing messaging strategies. Jessica cultivates digital and interactive strategies to increase overall engagement and communication. This includes: video, web/product management, content marketing, social media, SMS text messaging, in addition to supporting traditional print content and mailings. She also has extensive experience in the technology industry and served as a tech expert for TV, radio and print outlets.



Tracey Bradley
Global Benefits Manager

Tracey Bradley, Global Benefits Manager for HireRight ,is responsible for managing the benefits function for the company’s approximately 3,500 employees. With over thirty years of experience in benefits management and communications, Tracey has worked for a variety of professional services firms ranging in size from 1,000 to 15,000 employees. She has vast experience in the development of all aspects of employee benefits communications. Tracey holds a masters’ degree in Labor Relations from West Virginia University.


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