The Gig Economy
How It's Changing the Benefits Landscape 

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What You’ll Learn

Understand how the rise of the on-demand workforce is affecting the benefits landscape and what you can do about it to prepare

Find out what benefits and perks brokers and companies can offer to attract and retain gig workers

Learn how new legislative efforts to protect contract workers may impact your current and future business strategy

Hear how stand-out brands like Uber, Etsy and TaskRabbit are creating new opportunities/incentives for independent workers

What It's About

It is harder than ever for employers to find talent, and many companies are using contract/gig workers to supplement their full-time workforce. Most recent studies estimate between 20-30% of working Americans are considered gig or independent workers. Ultimate Software's Anna Turner and Ginny Drinker will share insights on how to make the gig economy work for you and how this trend is changing the benefits landscape.

About Our Speakers

Anna Turner
Director of Products

As the Director of Products at Ultimate Software, Anna is responsible for managing the Benefits, HR, and Compensation product portfolios and delivering new features and products to the market. She has more than a decade of product management experience in high-growth software companies and a passion for HR technology.   Anna is based in Charleston, SC.  She holds a BS from Clemson University and MBA from The Citadel, as well as currently serves on the national SHRM Expertise Panel for Technology and HR Management.

Ginny Drinker
Director, Strategic Alliances

For over 10 years, Ginny Drinker has been successfully driving strategic business initiatives for startups and technology companies within the human resources industry. At Ultimate Software, she is responsible for the strategy and management of the UltiPro Developer Network, a partner ecosystem designed to extend the UltiPro platform by connecting with complimentary products and solutions. Ginny is based in Charleston, SC and holds a BS from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MBA from the Citadel.

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