Designer Benefits: Upgrade Your Offering with Voluntary Benefits

Wednesday, October 2 at 2pm ET (11am PT)


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What It's About

Employers looking to stand out from the competition in recruiting and retention are using voluntary benefits to add value to their benefits package. Many ancillary benefits can be offered with little or no additional cost to the employer, and they go a long way toward meeting employee needs and expectations. Rather than being a fringe or supplemental add-on, they’ve become more of an essential element of the competitive benefits package.

Join us for a free webinar where we’ll explore some of the most popular voluntary benefits and the value that they provide to employers who offer them. We’ll explore the growing demand for voluntary benefits for employees and the ways that employers can meet those demands without a significant hit to their bottom line. You’ll learn how to upgrade your benefits offering to the next level and improve job satisfaction, productivity, retention and recruitment.

What You'll Learn

Discover the importance of a robust benefits package that incorporates
voluntary benefits for retention, recruiting and engagement

Discuss some of the most popular voluntary benefits like student loan repayment assistance, flexible vacation policies, paid parental leave and more

Learn how to select the right voluntary benefits for your workforce without significantly impacting your company’s bottom line

About Our Speakers

Neil Mammele
Director, Digital Strategy

Neil Mammele is the Director of Digital Strategy. His background includes creating and optimizing marketing initiatives that drive awareness and help teams increase employee engagement. His day-to-day includes managing all of PlanSource’s digital strategy and advising customers on best practices regarding social media, digital marketing, email and more. He is also a thought leader in the benefits and HR industry and is passionate about employee engagement, helping employers improve recruitment and creating happier employees.


Kent Horsman
Voluntary Benefits Director

As Director of Voluntary Benefits, Kent is responsible for growing and maintaining Lockton’s book of business in the voluntary benefits market.  In his capacity as voluntary benefits director, Kent is responsible for evaluation and placement of new products, as well as vetting enrollment solutions for clients that are both cost effective and results driven.  Since joining Lockton in 2012, Kent has successfully engaged over 130 clients with new product and enrollment solutions helping to establish client value and process efficiency, while growing Lockton revenues by 10% over traditional core services. Kent’s background comes from 15 years with Aflac and is a graduate of the University of Illinois.  Kent is also the proud husband of Kim and father to Gavin, Kelsey and Kellan.


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