The Case of the Delinquent Dependent
How Dependent Eligibility Audits Solve Employee Benefits Cost Overruns

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What It’s About

It’s expensive to offer an employee benefits program, especially when you’ve got ineligibles masquerading as eligibles. Rather than implementing cost-cutting measures like reducing benefits or increasing co-pays, dependent eligibility audits can identify those individuals who are not eligible to participate in a company’s benefit plan.

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Join Bradley Taylor, the founder and former CEO of Next Generation Enrollment, which was recently acquired by PlanSource as he plays detective and solves the case of the delinquent dependent. In addition to teaching you his method, you’ll learn about the incredible value a Dependent Eligibility Audit can provide.

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What You’ll Learn

Save money by focusing benefits spend on only the eligible participants

Prevent fraud and reducing the company’s overall spend and financial risk

Increase compliance with federal regulation and avoid costly penalties

About Our Speakers

Bradley Taylor

Bradley Taylor is the founder and former CEO of Next Generation Enrollment, which was recently acquired by PlanSource. His experience in sales at Unum and building a provider of benefits administration services uniquely qualifies him to speak on the value of dependent eligibility audits.


Nancy Sansom

Nancy Sansom brings over 15 years of experience in benefits administration and human resources software to PlanSource as the Chief Marketing Officer. She not only understands the world of employee benefits but how technology and services like dependent eligibility audits can make it easier.  


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