The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Benefits
How to free up HR and benefits teams so they can focus on what matters



What It’s About

Managing employee benefits programs is costly and time consuming. And as all HR professionals know, a benefits program is like an iceberg: only about 10% of the work that makes it successful is ever seen. The rest is below the surface. Benefits outsourcing helps companies free up already stretched resources and allows HR and benefits teams to stay above water, where they can focus on important business issues.

Join Bradley Taylor, EVP of Business Development at PlanSource, who will explore how benefits outsourcing acts as an extension of your HR and benefits team by providing personnel and customized policies, procedures and tools for all aspects of your benefits program, including program operation, new hire management, dependency management, plan design, open enrollment, life event management and enrollment assistance.

What You’ll Learn

The keys to implementing a successful benefits outsourcing program

How benefits outsourcing handles cumbersome and resource-intensive tasks

Lessons learned and results achieved by companies using benefits outsourcing

About Our Speakers

Bradley Taylor

Bradley Taylor is the Executive Vice President of Business Development at PlanSource. He founded and led Next Generation Enrollment, a leading provider of benefits administration technology services, which was acquired by PlanSource in 2016. Prior to Next Generation Enrollment, Bradley was a group sales representative at Unum, one of the largest insurance carriers in the world. Bradley has helped thousands of companies build effective benefits strategies and implement programs that have created a better benefits experience for administrators, employees and their families.

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