2019 Benefits Almanac

Forecasts to Help You Cultivate Your Benefits Strategy

Tuesday, January 15th | 2pm ET

What It’s About

The benefits world is in a constant state of change, with numerous legislative and economic factors that influence trends in our industry. Being able to roll with the punches will be key in the upcoming year. The influx of Generation Z-ers into the increasingly diverse workforce, the rise of remote work and flexible hours, and the intense competition for talent as unemployment remains at an all-time low are some of the biggest considerations that benefits and HR professionals will need to take into account as they plan for 2019.

Join us for a free mini webinar with a few PlanSource benefits gurus in which we will discuss emerging developments that benefits and HR professionals can plan for with some certainty as we roll into 2019. As health care costs rise and unemployment rates fall, it’s smart to strategize for becoming more mobile-friendly, more personalized, and more innovative in your benefits offerings and strategies to attract talent and cut costs.

What You'll Learn

Discover how to keep up with an increasingly mobile world by making your benefits strategy more mobile-friendly throughout the entire employee lifecycle

Learn how you can make remote work, work at your organization with the right benefits communications strategy

Give your organization an advantage in the race for talent by filling gaps in your traditional health care offerings with voluntary benefits

About Our Speakers

Neil Mammele
Director, Demand Generation

Neil Mammele is the Director of Demand Generation. His background includes creating and optimizing marketing initiatives that drive awareness and generate leads for our sales team. His day-to-day includes managing all of PlanSource’s demand generation activities including: Social Media, Digital Marketing (Display, Search, Cost Per Click, Website Optimization, Retargeting), Email and more. He is also responsible for implementing data and lead management best practices, nurturing campaigns, and marketing automation.

Jessica Foust
Communications & Marketing Director

Jessica Foust is a marketing and communications expert who specializes in developing and implementing messaging strategies. Jessica cultivates digital and interactive strategies to increase overall engagement and communication. This includes: video, web/product management, content marketing, social media, SMS text messaging, in addition to supporting traditional print content and mailings. She also has extensive experience in the technology industry and served as a tech expert for TV, radio and print outlets.

Meisha Bochicchio
Content Marketing Manager

As Content Marketing Manager, Meisha spends her time researching, creating and promoting original content for PlanSource. Her background in digital marketing includes hands-on experience with search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and social media, all of which fuel her current content efforts. Benefits are complicated, and Meisha’s goal is to simplify the complex through relatable, helpful and engaging content that resonates with HR professionals of every level.

Want a Deeper Look into the Future of our Industry? Download our 2019 Benefits Trends Report.