2020 Benefits Benchmark Report


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What It's About

Benefits are incredibly complex. And in an industry crowded with so many different stakeholders and many differing opinions, it can be difficult for employers to clarify the best benefits strategy for their organization. One of the best tools to make sense of it all is cold, hard data. Data is powerful. When you know what the average employer’s benefits program looks like and how much they’re paying, you can make a real comparison of how your organization measures up and have something to base your strategy on.

With nearly 5.5 million consumers receiving their benefits on the PlanSource platform and more than 117 million benefit elections to reference, we’ve got plenty of user data to draw insight from. Join us for an exclusive first look into the key insights from the 2020 PlanSource Benefits Benchmark Report. We’ll discuss the top trends in health care costs, open enrollment data, popular benefits offered and more; and we'll break down what all these trends mean for creating a cost-efficient, competitive benefits strategy.

What You'll Learn

Key insights from more than 117 million benefit elections made in the PlanSource system

Top trends in health care costs, open enrollment data, popular benefits offered and more

A breakdown of what this data means for employers and how to use it to their advantage

About Our Speaker

Nancy Sansom
Chief Commercial Officer

Nancy Sansom is the chief commercial officer for PlanSource. In this role, she leads marketing, strategy and partner development. With more than 15 years of executive leadership experience within high-growth software as a service (SaaS) companies, she excels in marketing, communications, profit and loss, product management, software design, business development, and HR.


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