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What It's About

Employees crave knowledge from trusted sources through personalized and customized communications. Developing the right strategy is key to ensuring your benefits communication campaigns resonate with employees and boost their overall knowledge of the benefits you provide.

If you are looking to retain and attract the very best talent, personalized benefits communications will help you stand out from your competitors. A successful campaign implementation requires clear communication built around content that is customized to the employee and delivered to them at the right time and place.

You'll Learn How To:

Implement an integrated communications strategy

Reduce communication overload to increase the impact of employee communications

Motivate and inspire employees to take action

About Our Speaker

Jessica Foust

Jessica Foust is a marketing and communications expert who specializes in developing and implementing messaging strategies. Jessica cultivates digital and interactive strategies to increase overall engagement and communication. This includes: video, web/product management, content marketing, social media, SMS text messaging, in addition to supporting traditional print content and mailings. She also has extensive experience in the technology industry and served as a tech expert for TV, radio and print outlets.

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