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Employee Experience

PlanSource Mobile Experience

Employees expect to shop for benefits the same way they shop for anything else online.

Open Enrollment Experience

Open Enrollment is the Super Bowl of Benefits! See how PlanSource guides employees through the shopping and enrollment process.

New Hire Experience

See how PlanSource helps new employees get off to a good start with a simple and intuitive benefits enrollment process.

Life Events

In between open enrollment periods, life happens! PlanSource makes it easy to update and administer benefits after a life event.

Customizable Experience

You can customize your PlanSource solution in numerous ways by including unique branding, messaging, content and more

The PlanSource
Mobile App

See how our Mobile App gives employees access to all their benefits information in the palm of their hand

HR Experience

Plansource Benefits Reporting Demo

Benefits Reporting

Get an overview of the many standard and customizable reports available in the PlanSource system

Benefits Billing
and Reconciliation

Managing benefits billing and invoicing can be difficult and cumbersome; watch this video to see how to get it right


PlanSource can help communicate vital information about benefits to employees and other stakeholders


See how PlanSource makes it easy for you to set up and administer a defined contribution benefits model

Live Demos from Eclipse 2018: Self-Service Renewal and New HR Experience

Renewal Self-Service Demo

Our self-service renewal tool simplifies the annual renewal process and gives HR teams much more control over how they set up, configure and implement their employee benefits plans. Launching to select customers in Q4 2018, this new tool builds on years of research and uses smart defaults, artificial intelligence and data-driven metrics from the PlanSource system to drastically simplify the annual renewal process.

New HR Experience

At Eclipse 2018, we unveiled our new HR experience, which is being completely redesigned to streamline common tasks, consolidate information and create a modern workflow. The new experience will be rolled out in phases starting in December 2018 and running through 2019, giving users the opportunity to gradually become accustomed to the new design and provide feedback.

Coming in 2019: PlanSource Analytics!

PlanSource Analytics provides real-time dashboards and analytical tools built using data captured in the PlanSource system. By displaying trends in benefit participation, average costs and enrollment statistics, HR teams can use these insights to optimize business decisions and benchmark themselves against their peers.

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