The Hidden Paycheck
The Value of Total Compensation Statements


What It’s About

Paychecks pay mortgages, buy food and make vacations possible. So it’s easy for employees to just focus on their net pay and forget about everything else that is part of their compensation. That’s where employers and their human resources teams need to step up and sell the value of their company.

They allow companies a chance to tout all of the benefits programs they provide that many employees may not be aware of. They provide the opportunity to show your employees how much you actually spend on them, as well as a vehicle to explain the more intangible but still important benefits you offer.

What You’ll Learn

Keep employees updated on their compensation and benefits

Show the total value of working at your company

Strengthen the bond between employer and employee

About Our Speakers

Jessica Foust
Marketing and Communications Director

Jessica specializes in helping companies connect with their employees. Through her marketing and communications expertise, Jessica’s work includes customized insight and strategies to increase employee enrollment, activation and optimal utilization of benefits.  She also has a special love for video, text messaging and other techniques that help HR teams effectively market their benefits to their employees.

Tracey Bradley
Senior Benefits Manager
Corporate Risk Holdings

Tracey manages all aspects of the benefits program for Corporate Risk Holdings, a leading global provider of risk and information services. Tracey has over 25 years of experience in the employee benefits field. Prior to joining Corporate Risk Holdings, Tracey was a Senior Benefits Manager for BearingPoint, Inc. where she managed the US retirement plans and global benefits for over 17,000 employees.

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