March 23, 2016

Giving You Plenty of Benefits Without the Doubt

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We’re Investing in Our Relationship


We’re focused on solving your problems and making your life easier.


We’re not perfect – sometimes we have to iterate to solve the problem.


Software is more than just features – it’s about a beautiful user experience.


Whatever gets built, gets built right with availability and security top-of-mind.

Customer Experience

Implementation Dashboard*

Gives real-time status updates and visibility into implementation milestones to PlanSource partners, customers and anyone involved in the process.

EDI Dashboard*

Provides PlanSource partners, customers and anyone involved in the process with an at-a-glance view of data exchange files being built and the status of each file.

Click to Chat

Consumers can chat online with a contact center representative during the benefits enrollment process so they can get immediate assistance. (Additional fees apply) 

*Available for early adopter program

Employees can get immediate assistance with Click to Chat

Administrative Tools and Support


Document Management*

Allows employees to upload documents during enrollment and after life events, so HR administrators can quickly review, approve or make needed changes.


Pending Dependent Coverage*

Coverage for dependents with outstanding documentation requests will be in a pending status until the required documentation is submitted.


Billing Reconciliation Services

PlanSource reconciles and pays invoices from multiple benefit vendors, and provides one, simple consolidated bill for the employer to pay.


EOI Notifications

Removes manual processes by automatically sending employees an email about decisions on benefit(s) that were pending evidence of insurability (EOI).

*Released on 02/20/2016

Voluntary Benefits Integration

We can now offer real-time integration with Selerix for voluntary and worksite benefits. This gives consumers a seamless shopping and enrollment experience for individually rated products offered by leading carriers.

*Allstate testing in progress

Expanded Business Rules

HSA Contribution
End Date

Gives employees more control over their health care savings by allowing them to adjust their HSA deductions for a specific amount of time.

Field-Level Security for Dependent Info

HR teams can define rules for which specific user roles can view, add or update information about dependents listed in the system.

User-Defined Dependent Fields

Provides HR teams with the option to capture additional information about dependents within the employee or administrator workflow.

Configurable Content for Riders

HR teams can display targeted educational content about riders to employees during the shopping and enrollment process.


Newly Enrolled Dependent Coverage

New report that allows HR teams to conduct periodic audits of new dependents added who did not have coverage in the prior plan year.

Employee Pre and Post-Tax Premium

Allows consumers to view their benefits deductions broken out by what is pre-tax and what is post-tax. (Released on 2/18/2016) 

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See how to use our ACA solution to generate and submit Forms 1094-C and 1095-C to the IRS in accordance with the Employer Mandate.

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Learn about new IRS forms and how to determine which employees are full-time and benefits-eligible according to the ACA.

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