Halley Release
September 20, 2017

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Welcome to the Halley Release

Named for the famous comet, Halley contains a wealth of enhancements which we hope
will illuminate your benefits programs.

Advanced Payroll Deductions

What It Does

Advanced Payroll Deductions uses sophisticated logic to calculate and track payroll deductions over time, automating a process that is often manual, time-consuming and error-prone. The system calculates payroll deductions based on coverage effective dates and enrollment dates. The system can also import actual payroll deductions, making adjustments and generating refunds when required.

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Create adjustments to handle retroactive changes

Automate the calculation of refunds when employees have overpaid

Catch-up Deductions
Automate catch-up deductions across multiple paychecks

How It Works


What It Is

PartnerSource is a single spot where customers and partners can view and interact with the company’s network of partners, and purchase add-on products. It is broken down into three separate areas:

Allows customers to select, order and quickly implement a range of add-on products when they are renewing their PlanSource systems.

PlanSource’s official human capital management partners, including payroll, talent and workforce management solutions.


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PlanSource Advantage
a strategic program between select insurance carriers and PlanSource that provides pre-established integrations and affordable product incentives.

Meet Our New QuickConnect Partners!

Improve employee retention by showing your employees everything you invest in them. Brainpower offers a custom branded total benefits and compensation statement for each employee. Statements typically include compensation information, insurance benefits, leave benefits, financial security elements and any additional benefits you provide to your employees. Statements can be accessed on any device, printed or online, directly from the their PlanSource account.

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ID Watchdog
Every 2 seconds, thieves steal another identity. Most victims only discover that they have a problem when they are denied credit, lose out on a job, are contacted by the police, or receive bills for things they never ordered. Support your employees’ financial and social wellness by offering them ID Watchdog, the leading provider of identity theft protection. With an easy to sign-up, no obligation voluntary benefit, give your employees the tools and protection to stop identity theft early and fix it fast.

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Provide safe, affordable financial support to your employees at no cost or financial risk to you. Offered as a voluntary benefit, TrueConnect revolutionizes the process of making small loans to employees in cooperation with employers. TrueConnect provides your employees access to a safe, regulated bank loan with no credit score needed to qualify and the convenience of paycheck deductions. Six, free financial counseling sessions are provided to all TrueConnect borrowers.

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Employees today are carrying record levels of student loan debt. Improve your employee’s financial wellness by partnering with Tuition.io to provide financial aid and guidance to your employees with student loan debt. Tuition.io allows employers to contribute money towards employee student loans as part of their overall benefits package. Tuition.io enables you to offer a benefit that your employees really need, while helping attract, engage, and retain top talent.

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Online Total Compensation Statements

Through our QuickConnect platform, we now offer online Total Compensation Statements that are personalized to each employee showcasing the overall value of their financial rewards. Statements typically include compensation information, insurance benefits, leave benefits, financial security elements and any additional benefits companies provide to employees.  Employees will be able to access these statements directly from their benefit administration account


Administrative Tools

Report Center Updates and Enhancements

Data Comparison Report
New enhancement allows HR teams to compare specific demographic, coverage or beneficiary information for two plan years.

Gives the user a preview of certain reports while they are selecting parameters prior to downloading, printing or viewing.

View Mode Print and Download
Allows for printing and downloading of reports directly from view mode, saving time and making the process more efficient.

Communications Shortcuts
HR teams now have convenient access to create open enrollment
and new hire communications right from the dashboard.

Export History

We’ve updated the Broker view on the export history page to allow better visibility across all clients and all export types. This puts all export jobs for all of a broker’s clients in one place to ensure files are sent when expected during open enrollment and throughout the year.

Implementation Wizard Plan Recommendations 

The Wizard is casting new spells! Now new employer groups can add plan details and download a plan worksheet right from the implementation wizard. 
This improves efficiency by allowing benefits teams to provide this detailed information up front and gives them more control over what information is presented to their employees.

Integrations and APIs

Employee and Dependent Coverage API
This API allows for the quick addition of coverage information for subscribers and dependents replacing the need for traditional batch file solutions sent to carriers.

Beneficiaries API
A natural extension of the PlanSource Standard API, beneficiary information can now be easily added and updated in the system through an API.