Copernicus Release
June 15, 2017

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Continuous Investment and Innovation


We’re focused on solving your problems and making your life easier.


We’re not perfect – sometimes we have to iterate to solve the problem.


Software is more than just features – it’s about a beautiful user experience.


Whatever gets built, gets built right with availability and security top-of-mind.

New Employee Experience Enhancements

Since launching the new employee experience to early adopters in April, we have continued to add enhancements and updates. These are some of the new features that will be included in Copernicus:


Defined Contribution

Employees can see how employer contributions are applied as they shop and enroll in their benefits. The system keeps a “running total” of how much they have used.

Plan Riders

The new employee experience now supports plan riders for employee and dependent benefits (stacked and perpetual rates will be supported in the new experience in the September Halley release).

401k Flat Amount

Copernicus makes enrolling in a 401(k) very straightforward, by allowing employees to enroll in 401(k) plans using a flat contribution amount as well as a salary-based amount.

MetLife Integrated Statement of Health

Employees can now complete an online Statement of Health for MetLife products right within the new shopping and enrollment experience.

Guardian Online EOI

Employees can complete an online Evidence of insurability (EOI) statement for Guardian Voluntary Life, Critical Illness and Cancer products without ever leaving the system.

Anthem Online EOI

Employees can complete an online Evidence of insurability (EOI) statement for Anthem Voluntary Employee Life, Spouse Life and Dependent Life products without leaving the PlanSource system by completing and submitting a pre-populated PDF.

Reporting Suite Usability and Design

We started redesigning our reporting center in the Andromeda release, and have been busy adding new features and making usability improvements since. New updates include:


Our broker partners and Human Resources/benefits administrators can now identify their favorite reports for quick access from the Reports Dashboard.

Communication Shortcuts*

Human Resources/benefits administrators now have convenient access to create open enrollment and new hire communications right from the dashboard.

SSN Masking

Employee SSNs will now be masked in all reports by default, but HR Admins with access to view full SSNs will have an option to “Unmask SSNs” when downloading reports.

Filters and Pagination

We’ve redesigned the way administrative users apply and view report filters and the way you page through reports, so you can easily skip pages or jump to the end of the view.

Date Field Usability and Formatting

We’ve made it easier for admins to filter and use dates within reports, and all date fields now display in a consistent MM/DD/YYYY format.

New Report: Election Changes by Year*

We’ve created a new report that allows admins to compare elections across plan years so they can easily identify changes that occurred during open enrollment.

Report Redesign
Twenty-five additional reports have been updated to the new look and feel that was released in the March Andromeda release.

Other Usability Improvements
It’s now easier to see important report details (such as who generated the report, client name, and date created) and delete multiple saved reports at once.

*This feature will now be available in the Halley Release (9/14/2017)

Admin Tools and Rules

Administering benefits can be complex! At PlanSource, we are committed to providing tools that make you more efficient, help you ensure compliance, and provide transparency.

New EDI Dashboard Design
We’ve enhanced the EDI Dashboard with a new, modern look and feel that makes it even easier to keep clients and partners “in the loop” on EDI integration projects.

New Rule: Earliest Allowed Effective Date
When adding a new plan, administrators can define an “Earliest Effective Date” that applies to all enrollments (initial and open enrollment, life events as well as imported data).

Documentation Management Enhancements

PlanSource helps HR teams automate the process of capturing required documents within the benefits shopping and enrollment process. We’ve continued to expand these capabilities and make usability improvements based on your feedback.

Employee Messaging
When documents are required, employees are now prompted to respond within the shopping experience and are given the number of days remaining to provide the documentation.

Capturing Employee Email Addresses
When HR professionals are creating and processing document requests, the system will now prompt them to add missing employee email addresses.

On-Demand Document Requests
HR professionals can now request documents from employees or new hires that are not related to a specific benefit or plan.

Approval Rules
HR teams can now set documentation requests to auto-approve once the documentation is provided.

Usability Improvements
We’ve improved the usability for HR teams and employees when documents are associated with multiple dependents.

    Total Compensation Statements

Paychecks pay mortgages, buy food and make vacations possible. So it’s easy for employees to just focus on their net pay and forget about everything else that is part of their compensation. With Total Compensation Statements, you can provide your employees personalized documents that showcase the overall value of their financial rewards.

Branding and Design
Customize one of our standard templates with your look, feel and messaging.

Consolidated Data
Incorporate data from multiple corporate systems to present the complete picture to your employees.

Statement Creation and Auditing
You’ll be able to generate statement proofs to ensure proper design and information elements are met.

Printing and Fulfillment
Let us handle the printing of your statements as well as mailing to employee homes or company locations.

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