Calypso Release

December 13, 2018

Welcome to the Calypso Release

Calypso is a moon of Saturn. It was discovered in 1980 from ground-based observations and in 1983 it was officially named after the Calypso of Greek mythology. Calypso appeared in the epic poem, The Odyssey, as a goddess who captivated Odysseus with her beauty and song. We hope that you find the enhancements in the Calypso product release just as enchanting!

Welcome to the New HR Experience!

Say Hello to the New HR Experience!

The big story in Calypso is our new HR experience, which goes into beta with the deployment of this release. The new experience will be rolled out in phases starting in December 2018 and running through 2019, giving users the opportunity to gradually become accustomed to the new design and provide feedback.

Months of research and mountains of data informed the new design. Our goal is to provide a mobile-friendly and accessible experience that helps you quickly and easily accomplish the tasks you do the most often. The first newly redesigned sections of the experience include a new navigation, employee search, profile views and dashboard. 

Experience the Experience!

All customers can take part in the beta of the new release and provide input and feedback on design and functionality.

In January, 2019, all PlanSource clients can access through a toggle switch in the PlanSource system.

However, if you want to try it out before then, simply request beta access by searching for New HR Experience through GuideMe.


Take a look under the hood!

Get a tour of the new HR experience from Brad Kaloupek, our Director of Designer and User Experience, who showed off his work at PlanSource Eclipse. You can get a more detailed demonstration in the recording of our Calypso release webinar above.

Carrier API-Based EOI Integration

At Eclipse 2018, we surveyed a group of HR leaders about what they considered were their most pressing issues. They overwhelming stated that EOI integrations topped their list of priorities. Not coincidentally, we have established repeatable data integrations and single sign-on (SSO) connections with key partners, to drive higher employee engagement and participation with real-time decision-making.

Two-Phased Approach to EOI Integrations

  • Single Sign-on (SSO) to the carrier’s portal from enrollment shopping cart
  • Automated EOI decision processing


Average increase in employee participation
with an integrated EOI workflow

EOI Integration Schedule

ACA Reporting Solutions

Don’t use PlanSource for ben admin? No problem. You can still take advantage of our ACA tool. Here’s how it breaks down:

Ben Admin with ACA Measurement and Reporting

ACA is an integral part of benefits administration. With PlanSource benefits + ACA, you get a complete solution for measurement, eligibility management and IRS reporting.
And if you like, we can also print and mail your 1095-C forms (see below).

ACA Standalone Reporting

Even if you don’t use PlanSource for benefits, you can use our ACA tool to create your 1094 and 1095-C  forms. We’ll calculate line 14 and 16 codes or you can load your own. We’ll transmit your forms to the IRS, and if you like, we’ll print and mail your 1095-Cs. ACA Standalone implementation process takes approximately 3-4 weeks contingent upon availability of the client.

1095-C Printing and Distribution

PlanSource offers a simple way to securely distribute your 1095-C forms.
Once you approve the forms in PlanSource, we’ll print and mail your 1095-C
forms directly to your employees.

If you used ACA fulfillment from PlanSource last year, you are automatically opted in.
If you did NOT use ACA fulfillment from PlanSource last year, go to to sign up!

Learn More about PlanSource ACA

Current IRS deadline for providing 1095-C forms to Employees: March 4, 2019 (NEW!)


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