Apollo Release

September 13, 2018

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Welcome to the Apollo Release

The Apollo program was the historic series of spaceflights carried out by NASA, and accomplished the first landing of humans on the Moon in 1969. In keeping with the spirit of the Moon landing, we like to think that this release is just one small step for PlanSource, but one giant leap for our customers.

Hello Self-Service!

Self-Service Renewal

Launching to select customers Q4 2018, this new tool builds on years of research and uses smart defaults, artificial intelligence and data-driven metrics from the PlanSource system to drastically simplify the annual renewal process for HR teams. Smart, intuitive and automated renewal workflow that empowers HR teams to efficiently manage the renewal process on their own.



See the demo from Eclipse 2018



Watch a demo of the content editor

Self-Service Page Content Manager

After a successful beta release in Q2, all PlanSource customers can now take advantage of new, modern editing capabilities for page content within the employee experience. HR teams will be able to edit their enrollment pages directly within the environment of the new employee experience and see how the page will look without hitting a preview button. They can drag-and-drop content blocks onto the page, easily edit content and pull from a range of new images added to the PlanSource content library.

Employee Communications

This new section of the PlanSource system opens up communications opportunities for HR teams, giving them the ability to send targeted email communications to employees directly from within PlanSource. Through the communications center dashboard, they can manage all employee communications, providing benefits updates, open enrollment reminders, announcements and more. HR teams can email their entire employee base, or select specific employee populations for targeted communications.

Welcome to
PlanSource University

Take control of your learning! PlanSource University is here to support your learning needs with a self-paced virtual experience that puts you in the driver's seat. Training content here starts with the basics (think PlanSource Fundamentals 101) and will grow in complexity based upon the user, their needs and goals.

ACA Standalone Tool

Don’t use PlanSource for ben admin? No problem. You can still take advantage of our ACA tool. Here’s how it breaks down.

Ben Admin with ACA Measurement and Reporting

ACA is an integral part of benefits administration. With PlanSource benefits + ACA, you get a complete solution for measurement, eligibility management and IRS reporting. And if you like, we’ll print and mail your 1095-C forms.

ACA Standalone 

Even if you don’t use PlanSource for benefits, you can use our ACA tool to create your 1094 and 1095-C  forms. We’ll calculate line 14 and 16 codes or you can load your own. We’ll transmit your forms to the IRS, and if you like, we’ll print and mail your 1095-Cs.

Integrations are Essential

At Eclipse 2018, we surveyed a group of HR leaders about what they considered were their most pressing issues. They overwhelmingly stated that EOI integrations topped their list of priorities.  Not coincidentally, we have established repeatable data integrations and single sign-on (SSO) connections with key partners, to drive higher employee engagement and participation with real-time decision-making.​

The EOI decision process will now be automated, triggering notifications to HR and the employees
(Available to all customers sizes Oct. 2018)

Consumers will answer EOI questions right within the shopping workflow – no separate paperwork!
Available Oct. 2018)

PlanSource is participating in the ADP Marketplace, and will be connected to Workforce Now, keeping new hires, terms, employee demographics and paycheck deductions in sync.

Available to new clients at no cost from PlanSource
Available to existing clients for a $2,500 one-time fee from PlanSource
ADP will charge a PEPM fee to new and existing clients

Available for pilot clients in Q1 2019 with general availability in Q2 2019

PlanSource HCM Updates

PlanSource partners with best-in-class tech companies to
provide you with a complete solution for core HR, payroll, talent and
workforce management. Below are a few of the recent updates our
partners have made to make your HR and benefits processes run smoother.

UltiPro Mobile App

The UltiPro mobile app delivers instant access to relevant information and tools for HR, payroll, and talent management for both employees and managers.

Incorporating the UltiPro mobile app into our list of HCM services will provide more value to our HCM customers with on-the-go access.

UltiPro and PlanSource Integration

In 2019, we’ll move all PlanSource HCM customers to the latest and greatest API integration that we have in place with UltiPro.

This API integration will seamlessly combine Ultimate Software's award-winning HCM suite with the PlanSource benefits admin system.

OE is coming! Are you ready?

Don’t worry if you’re not. We’ve got you covered with tons of resources including videos, email templates and best practices that will make OE a reason to celebrate!

Check Out Our OE Packages!  Get Print Templates!  Order a Custom OE Video!

Coming Soon: New HR Experience

The PlanSource benefits administration experience for HR teams is being redesigned to streamline common tasks, consolidate information and create a modern workflow. The new experience will be rolled out in phases starting in December 2018 and running through 2019, giving users the opportunity to gradually become accustomed to the new design and provide feedback.



Watch a demo from Eclipse 2018

Coming Soon: Jellyvision's ALEX



View the partnership announcement

PlanSource recently announced that it’s partnering with Jellyvision to integrate ALEX, Jellyvision’s interactive benefits counselor, into the PlanSource benefits administration system. ALEX offers one-on-one interactions combined with video and animation to understand personal health care and financial needs and offer recommendations tailored to each individual.

ALEX will appear dynamically throughout the  PlanSource enrollment user interface, prompting the user for assistance as well as highlighting the ALEX recommended plans while shopping for benefits.

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