March 9, 2017

Giving You Plenty of Benefits Without the Doubt

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We’re Investing in Our Relationship


We’re focused on solving your problems and making your life easier.


We’re not perfect – sometimes we have to iterate to solve the problem.


Software is more than just features – it’s about a beautiful user experience.


Whatever gets built, gets built right with availability and security top-of-mind.

New Employee Experience


New Look and Feel

The employee shopping and enrollment experience has a completely new look, with a more visual and modern design.


With a responsive design, the site will look and work great on any device, whether it is a laptop, tablet or phone.

Shopping Cart

As employees make selections, their decisions are captured in an interactive cart just like when they shop online.  


To complete the enrollment process, employees must check out just like when they shop online for other products.  

Default Recommendations

When using plan recommendations, we can now provide a default recommendation based on employee demographics.

Plan Details Page

We have introduced a new, dedicated page for plans that includes coverage levels, costs and any plan documents. 

Mobile Document Upload

Employees can now take a picture of required documentation from their phones and upload them to PlanSource.

Reminder Emails

HR teams can send custom reminder messages to employees who forget to complete the checkout process.

New Navigation in the Administrator User Experience

The navigation within the Administrator user interface has been redesigned
and simplified to provide a modern, more user-friendly experience.

New Reports Center

New Look and Feel

The reports area of the system has been redesigned with a modern look, a more intuitive workflow and report descriptions.  

Reporting Dashboard

The dashboard provides data and actions related to OE or new hire enrollment and recently run and recommended reports.

Report History

Quickly see what reports have been run by the organization in the last 30 days, including saved and scheduled reports.

Available Reports

It’s now easier to find the the right report, as we have organized them by category and added report descriptions.

Usability Improvements

We have improved the consistency with which data, including dates and SSNs, is displayed on reports.

Recommended Report Redesign

Our 6 most popular reports have been completely redesigned, with a new user interface for creation and customization.

Expanded Business Rules

401(k) Flat Amount*

We support enrollment in 401(k) or other retirement plans via a percentage of salary, and also a flat contribution amount.

*This feature will not be available
with the new employee experience until June, 2017.

More Flexible Workforce Configuration

We now provide even more options for our CoSource partners to flexibly configure employee populations.

New Professional Services

COBRA Administration

We’ll handle the process from initial and qualifying event notices and participant audits to premium billing and collection.

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Benefit Account Administration

We’ll provide HSA/FSA/HRA participants with online reimbursement, account management and contact center support.

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Benefits Outsourcing

PlanSource acts as an extension of the benefits team by providing experienced personnel and “plug and play” processes.

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Custom Employee Communications

Let us create employee communications that reflect your brand – such as digital guides, websites and videos.

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Dependent Verification

Let us manage your dependent audit; we’ll communicate with your employees and collect the required documents.

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ACA Form Fulfillment

The March 2 deadline is approaching – let us print and mail your 1095-C forms to employees who didn’t opt out of paper.

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APIs and Integration

MetLife Integrated Statement of Health

Employees can now complete an online Statement of Health for MetLife products within the enrollment experience.

This feature will not be available with the new employee experience until June, 2017.

Evidence of Insurability API*

Insurance carriers can use a standard Web service call to capture EOI data from employees within the enrollment workflow. 

Evidence of Insurability Approval API*

Insurance carriers can use a standard Web service call or batch file import process to automate EOI decision processing.

Admin API- Employees*

Allows HR, payroll and other partners to use a standard Web Service call to add, update and maintain employee demographic data.

Admin API – Dependents*

Allows HR, payroll and other partners to use a standard Web Service call to add, update and maintain dependent demographic data.

Admin API – Basic Payroll Deduction*

Allows HR, payroll and other partners to use a standard Web Service call to get payroll deduction data, keeping all your systems in sync.

*Available to select partners in April 2017.
Please contact us at to learn more.

Report Enhancements

Benefit Report

By using predefined fields for medical, dental or vision, plan year, coverage and employee info are auto populated.

Life-Event Report

We’ve added an additional filter to allow you to select a population to better refine your search criteria and results.

Beneficiary Report

We’ve updated the column label/name “Is Primary to Primary Beneficiary” for improved usability.

Notification History Report

We’ve removed the confusion on which fields are already pre-selected by graying out those fields.

Data Comparison Report

We’ve added a new selection option to “Treat New Records as Changes” which shows new employees in the results.

Validation Data Report

This report has been updated to include the coverage level the employee elected to assist with resolving data discrepancies.

Overage Dependent Report

This report has been updated to show only those dependents with active elections that are aging out of coverage.

Discontinue Support for IE9/IE10

What Is The Change?
With the deployment of the Andromeda Release on March 9, 2017, PlanSource will no longer be testing its products for operability on Internet Explorer Version 9 and 10. This means that PlanSource products are not guaranteed to work on these browser versions going forward.

Why The Change?
Microsoft ended support for IE8, IE9 and IE10 on January 12, 2016. PlanSource takes security and the quality operation of its products seriously. Out of fairness and deference to our customers, the decision was made to end our support for IE8 and IE9 more than one year later.

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