September 17, 2015

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PlanSource ACA Updates


Preview IRS Reports

Preview critical IRS reports, including Forms 1094-C and 1095-C throughout the year before they need to be formally submitted to the IRS.


Monthly Measurement Method

In addition to the “look-back method,” the “monthly measurement” method for full-time status determination will be supported.


Multiple FEINs

Support multiple companies within a single organization by tracking employees in aggregate between FEINs for measurement.


1095-C Download

Employees will receive an email link to download the Form 1095-C, with the paper form sent to the remaining.

Consumer Experience Updates


PlanSource Video Library

Use the newly designed library of videos to provide just-in-time education to consumers within the shopping and enrollment process.

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Basic Consumer Support

Help consumers with navigation, understanding their options and completing life event changes. (Additional fees apply)


Premium Consumer Support

Provide Basic Support plus personalized guidance, plan recommendations and phone-based enrollment. (Additional fees apply)


Dynamic Enrollment Surveys

Add workflow-based questions that change based on the consumer’s response, and can be set up with conditional follow-ups.


New Employee Messaging

Communicate transparently and efficiently with newly hired employees through segmentation, filtering and delivery tools.


Auto-Assign Coverage

Auto-assign plans and coverage levels for bundled benefits during the employee enrollment experience.

Administrative Tools and Support


Advanced HR Support

PlanSource will provide HR staff support for dependent and life event verification, EOI processing, claims assistance and more.


Renewal Wizard*

Benefit plans and rates for the new year can be updated automatically based upon information captured online.


Employee Notifications

View a history of employee notifications including what was sent, to whom and when, which is critical for auditing purposes.


Enrollment Form Generation

Using eligibility rates, beneficiary, demographic and EOI data, an automated enrollment form can be generated for and used by an employer.

Expanded Business Rules and Reports


Document Library*

Allow Administrators to post documents (SPDs, HR policies and procedures, etc.) for employees or specific groups of employees.


Stacked Rates & Coverages*

For voluntary and worksite products, brokers and employers can track previous coverage amounts, age banded rates and frozen rates.


EOI Expiration

Let benefits that are pending Evidence of Insurability (EOI) automatically expire after a designated time period specified by you.


Volume Filtering

Allow the coverage amount options for one benefit to be dependent upon the coverage amount selected for another benefit.


New Standard Reports

Use new standard reports for Dependent Eligibility, EOI History, Life Events, Notification History, Recent Activity and Admin Role Changes.

*Available Q4 2015

PlanSource Adds MetLife to its Distribution Platform

MetLife products, from one of the largest providers of life insurance and employee benefits are on the PlanSource Platform.

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Navigate the maze and stay compliant with the ACA

Learn about new IRS forms and how to determine which employees are considered full-time and benefits-eligible according to the ACA.

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