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2022 Benefits Benchmark Report

Employers spent an average of $12,600 on medical premiums in 2021.

Learn how much that number has changed as well as statistics regarding benefits offerings, costs and employee engagement trends in our 2022 Benefits Benchmark Report. We’ve analyzed the over 200 million enrollments in our platform to bring you the latest benefits data in an easy-to-read report.

We’ll share the most popular benefits offered, how much employers and employees are paying and the top education strategies from last year. Additionally, we explain how HR can respond in order for them to be well prepared for their 2022 open enrollment. Download our report now to stay on top of key OE benchmarks and our predictions for this year.

Inside the report:

Which benefits were most popular in 2021 and how many employers were offering them

How employer HSA contributions have changed in recent years

Key strategies for combating rising benefit costs

Strategies for improving employee engagement and satisfaction

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