C A S E   S T U D Y

The Select Group

Manages RapidGrowth, Complex Payroll
and Benefits with PlanSource HCM



Raleigh, NC

Technical Services

250 fulltime, 1,500 consultants



Founded in 1999, The Select Group is a technical services firm headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., with branches throughout North America. The Select Group’s technically trained staff of recruiters and account managers are focused on building relationships to improve client business flow. The award-winning firm offers managed services, direct placement, and contingent staffing.

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Rapid growth and a complex staffing model made payroll, taxes and compliance a challenge; needed a technology solution that could keep up.

  • The Select Group recruits and places skilled technology professionals in top companies throughout North America. With a core staff of 250, the company contracts with hundreds of consultants to fill their client’s needs.

  • The mix of fulltime, freelance and part-time staff created unique challenges for ensuring tax regulations were being followed, employees were properly verified for employment, onboarded, and were being offered the correct benefits package.

  • After experiencing rapid growth, it was apparent to The Select Group that they needed new technology to streamline their payroll, onboarding and benefits experience.



PlanSource selected to provide a complete human capital management experience.

  • After using several technology solutions, including brand name payroll providers and point solutions, The Select Group turned to PlanSource Human Capital Management.
  • Implemented payroll, benefits and workforce management solutions.
  • Chose PlanSource because of its intuitive user interface, easy, engaging experience, cost-effective pricing model and robust functionality.
  • The Select Group’s tech-savvy workforce was drawn to the intuitive benefits portal, which includes plan comparisons, educational materials, and other decision support tools.



The Select Group has a combined view of their payroll, benefits and workforce management processes.

  • With all pay and benefits information in one system, variations in work status and geographical locations are quickly overcome and payroll runs like clockwork.
  • Easy-to-use reporting tools give The Select Group’s finance team clean information on who is enrolled in what, making payroll deductions and billing reconciliations a snap.
  • Managing taxes has been greatly streamlined and the company’s payroll team can easily adjust deductions in accordance with state and local regulations.
  • New employees are quickly verified for employment, added to the system and sent out to help The Select Group’s clients.


Ease of payroll
and reporting

Complete HR and
payroll experience 

Simplified tax

“I’ve never had such a good partnership with a software provider.
We really work as a team. From the great service to the usability of the software and the knowledgeable staff, PlanSource blows other software companies I’ve worked with out of the water!”

Amy Greksa
Payroll Manager
The Select Group

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