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Cellular Sales Soothes Benefits Bumps
and HR Headaches with PlanSource



Knoxville, TN


4,868 Employees



Cellular Sales was founded in 1993 as a cell phone retail kiosk in a mall in Knoxville, Tennessee. As the company grew, it made its independent sales representatives partners in new markets it opened, turning it from a single cell phone store into the nation’s largest retailer of Verizon Wireless. It now operates more than 560 retail stores across 28 states in the U.S.

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Restructuring of staffing model presented numerous HR challenges

  • Cellular Sales’ staff was roughly 90% independent contractors and 10% full-time employees; they made the decision to make all the contractors full-time employees
  • This switch led to a sharp increase in administrative work due to the compliance requirements of full-time employees; a solution to support this massive restructuring was required
  • They needed a more efficient way to offer voluntary benefits as well as a single platform to serve their tax filing, applicant tracking, onboarding, and benefits administration



Implemented a fully customizable HR and benefits solution

  • Cellular Sales implemented PlanSource for their suite of HR services, helping to smooth over the bumps during their time of massive growth and structural changes
  • PlanSource helped set up customized payroll imports for each store location in addition to cost- and labor-saving HR services that made life easier for them during the restructuring of their employees
  • As a Unum customer, Cellular Sales employees needed a simpler way to enroll in voluntary benefits. PlanSource’s Unum plugin does this by allowing employees to sign up directly within the Unum system, eliminating the middleman.



Comprehensive services make a more efficient benefits experience

  • With so many discrete brick and mortar locations, it can be difficult to manage payroll and employee lifecycle tracking; PlanSource saves HR teams and district managers lots of headaches
  • Employees have a more convenient and efficient benefits experience by being able to receive rates, Evidence of Insurability processing, and voluntary coverage directly from Unum
  • PlanSource offers comprehensive and personalized services such as integration with ben admin, tax filing, and custom imports that relieve the workload for such a large and fast-growing company


Process for Voluntary Benefits

Employee Lifecycle Tracking

Ben Admin and HR Services


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