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BrandSafway is a construction and civil engineering company that provides safety equipment to businesses around the globe. With 38,000 employees at over 8,000 jobsites in 30 countries, the HR benefits team of 6 have their work cut out for them. Committed to providing quality benefits at the lowest cost possible, the BrandSafway benefits team works surgically to keep expenses low and efficiency high.

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To BrandSafway, data is everything. Before PlanSource, they partnered with a technology solutions competitor that had a similar model. However, they didn’t have the flexibility to work with the disparate systems, data challenges or unique employee populations that BrandSafway presented. BrandSafway needed a versatile benefits solution that could manage all of their unique situations in one digital package: enter PlanSource.

  • Consolidating disparate systems
  • Inaccurate data streams
  • Targeting unique employee populations



Benefits management is no easy task, and without PlanSource, BrandSafway’s team of 6 would have to double in size to keep up with the tasks and responsibilities. Instead, this dedicated team of professionals leverages the tech solutions and accurate data streams PlanSource brings, ensuring effective actions are taken and costs remain low. For BrandSafway, it’s this reporting that remains key to their success.

“Reporting and data are mission critical to the HR / Benefits department, and the organization as a whole.” Chris Forbeck, Benefits Analyst for BrandSafway shared with us.

BrandSafway strives to improve the employee benefits offering while balancing costs, which makes accurate reporting and ease of access to the data absolutely critical.

“We have a lot of different populations with varied and specific needs from an ACA compliance aspect, and when audits occur now, we can turn the information around for the IRS in an instant.”

In the past, BrandSafway was vulnerable to compliance issues due to their large size and problems with data flow. With PlanSource, they’re able to rely on accurate, streamlined reporting. They have the ability to instantly zero in their research on the exact data points they need, providing a strong foundation to stand on and peace of mind.

When looking for a tech solution, BrandSafway was looking for one that provided a dedicated account team that they could cultivate a working relationship with and improve user experience as a result. With PlanSource, they have a support team working to assist with all questions and receiving and implementing feedback toward continuous improvement.

Finally, the employee adoption of the tool has been instrumental in the benefits selection process. After using the system for enrollment, the benefits team has found that the employees are more confident in their choices. PlanSource’s dedicated account team rises to the challenge as Forbeck states his team needs to stay ‘lean and mean’ and relies heavily on PlanSource to work through employee issues so that his team can tackle their own important work.

With PlanSource, BrandSafway has successfully improved data accuracy, saved money on dedicated manpower, and increased confidence in their compliance.

  • Dedicated Account Team
  • Improved Data Accuracy
  • Beneficial Employee Software Adoption



  • Saved Time for Busy HR Team
  • Improved Data Accuracy and Flow
  • Decreased Compliance Issue Vulnerabilities
  • Reduced Stress on Internal Team



What should people know when looking for a tech solution?

Chris Forbeck, Benefits Analyst for BrandSafway answered:

1) Be thorough

2) Be fair

3) Take the time to review the system. Request access see what works, what doesn’t, and try to break it if you can. You’ll know what you need out of a system better than anyone, so make sure you get it. We did this during the RFP process, and were continually impressed by PlanSource.

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- “What PlanSource provides compared to the competitor we were with previously is night and day.”

Chris Forbeck, Benefits Analyst

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