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A True One-Stop Shop Solution

As a truly automated and paperless system, PlanSource replaced two legacy SaaS systems that mixed their “automated solution” with manual tasks. PlanSource brought efficiency and ease-of-use to Avenue H with a single platform for plan quoting, shopping, recommendation and enrollment, including data integration to insurance carriers.



Covered Consumers



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Renewal Retention

Delivering a “Lights-Out” Implementation

With a short implementation of only four months, enrollment times that used to take employers as long as ninety days to complete can be handled in less than an hour. With a highly configurable system and an established network of health and ancillary benefit carriers, PlanSource deploys fast even with the most complex benefit programs, business rules and workforce configurations.

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Avenue H Patty Conner Headshot

“We wanted advanced decision support, defined contribution options, and the scalability and flexibility to meet all current and upcoming requirements of healthcare reform. PlanSource matched those needs, enabled us to improve the efficiency of our enrollment dramatically, and is a major reason Avenue H has been so successful.”

Patty Conner
Office of Consumer Health Services

Creating a Win-Win-Win Situation

Increased cost efficiency for employers and freedom for employees make for happy insurance broker clients. “The process with Avenue H is a little bit different than what you might be used to as a broker… But for all my clients that I’ve put with Avenue H, every one of those clients has renewed,” says Celia Nash-Underwood, owner of Team Nash.

Prioritizing Employees’ Best Interests

Avenue H prioritizes employees’ health and wellness without compromising the relationship between brokers and employers. Scott Miller, co-founder of the Miller Wade Group, says, “The compensation model with Avenue H is the same as any other traditional plan, so whether we sell inside of Avenue H, outside of Avenue H– we get paid the same.

Simplifying Healthcare for Employers

Shopping for insurance can be complicated for employers. With PlanSource, Avenue H took the decision-making burden off the employer. According to Larry Warren, General Manager of KPCW-FM, “Avenue H gave us an objective look at what was available in the insurance marketplace, let us make an independent and intelligent decision. It has made shopping for healthcare absolutely simple.”

Bringing Consumer Choice to Healthcare

PlanSource enabled Avenue H with decision support tools to educate consumers and help them make the right choice for their families’ unique circumstances. Lynn Ware Peek, an employee with KPCW-FM said “We felt trapped with our health insurance. But when we signed up with Avenue H, we had choices and a lot more freedom with our health insurance.”

Empowering Employers to Control Costs

With rising healthcare costs, PlanSource gives employers much needed control over those costs while empowering employees with choice. According to Tori Baker of the Salt Lake Film Society: “Avenue H allowed us to pick a default plan and know our fixed costs so that we could plan for the future. Employees can still choose any plan that fits their lifestyle.”

Giving People Flexibility

“Avenue H allows employees to figure out which plan is best for them. It is as good for the employee as it is for the employer. It’s simple, it’s centralized and it’s flexible.” says Howard Headlee, President of the Utah Bankers Association. Avenue H, powered by PlanSource, empowers employees with choice and doesn’t force-fit a one-size-fits-all solution.

Enabling Defined Contribution Models

Avenue H, powered by PlanSource gives employers better control of their profits through direct control of their benefits costs, while giving employees what they want. According to Steve Bollinger from TV Specialists: “We know what our costs are as an employer, and employees can go in and pick and choose which plan is going to work for them.”

Comparing Plans Side-by-Side

Kelli Fratto Bland with Love Communications saw this first hand: “It was nice that I could take different insurance plans, compare them side-by-side and see what worked best for my family.” Let’s face it, everyone’s healthcare needs are different and it’s strange that an employer would decide what healthcare plan would work best for every single employee.

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