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Auto-Wares was founded in 1976 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and has grown to an automotive company of almost 2,000 employeesAuto-Wares focuses their business on growing their distribution network which specializes in its extensive inventory, product knowledge, and full-service programs. For this case study we were able to speak to Aaron Roach, the Director of Human Resources, who has been with the company for 15 years (7 years in HR).

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Auto-Wares was previously leveraging a time-keeping software that also had enrollment functionality to handle all of their benefits needs. Aaron tells us that it got the job done, but it was clunky, and didn’t host nearly enough information to properly educate employees about their benefits offerings. “I didn’t feel that people understood their benefits well enough,” Aaron says of the former software, “The whole process wasn’t very user-friendly, which meant more calls to our hotline.”

Due to the confusing system and lack of available benefits information within the process, Aaron describes open enrollment as incredibly taxing, as confused and questioning employees would inundate their hotline for help. One dedicated employee would have to transition from their regular HR responsibilities to field upwards of 20 calls a day during open enrollment, and the remaining HR employees would have to jump in to field an additional 6-10 calls each to work as overflow. It got to the point where Aaron realized that,

With a quickly growing company, we were going to need to hire more people just to answer employee questions, or we were going to have to bring a better software on.”

And that’s when they found PlanSource.



Adding PlanSource meant that hotline calls from confused employees dropped dramatically, almost immediately. “We used to get at least 20 calls a day, and now with PlanSource there’s… maybe one? Last year we were like ‘there’s no way this is open enrollment time, where are all the phone calls?’” Aaron tells us. Not only does this mean that Auto-Wares saved money on adding headcount and Aaron’s HR team is freed up to handle their daily responsibilities, but it also means that the employees at Auto-Wares are being properly educated.

“Before I started this role I couldn’t tell you the difference between an HMO and a PPO, and our people aren’t experts in healthcare either, so when we moved to PlanSource, we went from having a blank product page with minimal info on it, to ‘hey, here’s a helpful video and a plenty more information if you need it.’ My biggest thing was that our employees would have the information right there in the enrollment process, so they could make informed decisions on their own.”

PlanSource works with insurance carriers to make sure that the information readily available to employees is always up-to-date and written in a way that employees can easily consume. Insurance can be difficult, but education doesn’t have to be. With continued efforts to always improve the quality of our available education, Aaron notes that there is a definite improvement with employee benefits satisfaction, as well as education, at Auto-Wares.

“And now that I don’t have to worry about things going well or being accurate, I actually get time off around Christmas again!”  





  • Employees can interact with educational videos, flyers, cost calculators and more to learn about their insurance offerings
  • Phone calls from confused employees dropped from 20+ a day to almost none 
  • Large monetary savings from not having to hire additional full-time employees for open enrollment 



Based on your experience, what advice would you give other companies searching for a solution?

“Go in with an open mind. You might not know what’s out there, so make sure you focus in what your actual goals are, and for us it was improving the end user experience.” -Aaron Roach, Director of Human Resources, Auto-Wares

What three words would you use to describe PlanSource?

Big. Time. Saver.

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“If your company is growing, PlanSource will save you money from having to hire more headcount.
It’ll make your user experience much better as well.”

Aaron Roach, Director of Human Resources, Auto-Wares

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