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7 Ways To Upgrade Your Employee Onboarding Experience
January 2, 2020
Jill Garrison
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Your company’s onboarding process is the first impression that your new employees will have of your company – and this impression matters. 

Actively engaging new employees and managing turnover is a pressing priority for HR teams, as employee churn is a costly problem and a difficult issue to turn around. 

It’s time to take the ‘yawn’ out of onboarding! Put your best foot forward with these 7 tips for creating a positive onboarding experience! 

1.) Communicate Before The First Day

The #1 mistake that HR teams make during the onboarding process? Waiting until your new employee’s first day to communicate!

Put yourself in the new employee’s shoes; they are likely excited, a little nervous and ready to hit the ground running. They’ve also had a few weeks to prep for their new role and are bursting with questions. How would you feel if you hadn’t heard anything from your new employer in a few days or even weeks?

Don’t let new hires start with a cold shoulder. Schedule consistent, meaningful communications prior to their first day to set expectations, introduce team members and set the tone for the company culture and employee experience. Your goal is to make each of your new hires feel like a part of the team the moment they walk through your door.

2.) Make The First Day Memorable

Not everyone likes being the ‘new kid’, and starting a new job can be intimidating. Take the stress out of your new hire’s first day by making the entire experience easy, fun and memorable. Sure, there will be standard necessary processes, like paperwork, but carve out time to introduce your new hire to their team, give the hire a tour of your office, have the employee’s desk ready to go with supplies and welcome gifts and arrange for a group lunch to squeeze in some social time.

3.) Stick To A Tight Schedule

While you certainly don’t want to overwhelm your new hires, having a thorough onboarding schedule and process in place will ensure that everyone is on the same page throughout the experience and will help keep the new employee on track to start their new role. If possible, send the new employee the schedule in advance to set expectations and eliminate any surprises.

4.) Conduct Meaningful Training

Training should include several elements, like learning any company training, job-specific training, company-specific software solutions, etc. You will want your new employees to feel comfortable with every part of their new role. Of course, this training will likely take a few days or even weeks to complete, so outline a standard training schedule and work it into their long-term development plan. 

5.) Set Expectations

Setting expectations is crucial for your employees’ long-term success within your organization. Will your new hire have goals to work towards within a certain timeframe? Is there a timeline for completing new hire training? Who will your new hire report to, and what will the communication be like between team members? These are all important points that need to be clearly communicated to the new hire as soon as possible to help them get settled.

6.) Implement A Mentorship Program

Pairing new hires with a more experienced team member will ensure that they have a point of contact for any questions they might have during their first few weeks or months. This mentor should check-in with the employee regularly and provide support for both job performance and make sure the employee feels happy and welcomed by the company as a whole. This introduction to the company culture and encouraging engagement early on is crucial to long-term employee retention.

7.) Schedule Check-Ins & Solicit Feedback 

Aside from mentor check-ins, human resources should also occasionally check-in to see how the new hire feels about the experience so far and to make sure that the employee fully understands the benefits perks and programs that come with the new job. 

Don’t forget that employee churn is a costly problem, and onboarding is the first experience that a new hire will have with your organization. Set the recruit and your company up for long-term success with a stellar employee onboarding program!

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