Social Media For Open Enrollment – 3 Tips For OE Success
October 25, 2018
Jill Garrison
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With more than one billion active Facebook users in the world, it’s not hard to see why human resources teams are finally beginning to embrace the power of social media. Though social media and HR might have had rocky beginnings, the digital age has shifted the position of social platforms in the workplace and HR teams are beginning to see social channels as powerful tools rather than harmful distractions. And, while many organizations have a plan in place for external communication, only a few have fully welcomed social media as a means for internal comms.

Open enrollment, in particular, is one of the most critical times for HR where clear communication is critical. Embracing the power of social media and utilizing these communication channels during the busiest time of year only makes good business sense.

Create A Private Group For HR

Using social media for HR communications meets employees where they are via an easy and convenient channel.

Share Relevant Content And Encourage Engagement

Once your group is created, begin putting together a communications calendar to relay important updates throughout the year. For open enrollment specifically, dates should be announced to the group as soon as possible. From there, match the schedule and messaging of your other communications. Be sure to include relevant links or embed helpful videos, when applicable.

Of course, you’ll want your employees to engage with the group. Make sure that you invite all employees to join the group and have an HR member responsible for monitoring the page for questions or comments. You should also communicate expectations in advance for appropriate group etiquette and conduct.

Use Video

If you’re not using video for benefits communications, now is the time to start.

Did you know that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video compared to only 10% when reading it in text? That’s an 850% increase in information retention!

Not only is video far more effective when it comes to information retention, but it is also the preferred medium for consuming content via social media.

Not sure what to share? Start by announcing your OE dates via a video postcard. Then, share individual videos from your benefits video library in your groups to help educate employees on insurance and plan terms. This will also create an open space for dialogue around specific topics or plan details.

Visit our free online Open Enrollment Kit for access to free resources, templates, materials and more!

Work With Employee Communications Mavericks

If you’re ready to take your benefits communication to the next level – let’s talk. PlanSource offers several employee communications solutions for any budget and group size. Contact us below to schedule your no-strings-attached consultation!

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