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Partner of the Week: Homethrive

October 12, 2022
Rachel Alfred
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Homethrive is a next generation caregiving support innovator that’s revolutionizing support for unpaid family caregivers and their loved ones. Caregiver burnout is real, and costly. Employees are stretched thin trying to work while caring for children, aging parents, and loved ones with special needs. Nearly 1 in 3 employees have voluntarily left their employer due to caregiving responsibilities. Homethrive reduces costly turnover and intent to resign amongst caregivers by 80%. Their family caregiving platform, Dari, uniquely integrates their digital assistant for coaching, navigation, and resources with expert personal interaction and service coordination.

We are excited to announce Homethrive as our Partner of the Week, where we highlight one of our unique PlanSource Marketplace Partners and the value they bring to the benefits industry. We recently sat down to discuss their unique employee benefits and how they support family caregiving within the benefits industry. 

What makes your company unique in the benefits space – what key benefits do you provide to employees?

For every 1,000 employees, organizations likely have 200 who double as family caregivers and spend an aggregated 4,740 hours per week on related activities. Of those, 57% struggle with mental health issues, 40% are highly stressed, and 33% are poised to leave. Using conservative estimates, based on research, this adds up to ~$415,000 lost per 1,000 employees. While caregiving support may have once been nice to offer, those days are over.

Homethrive is different and provides maximum value in two major ways:

  • Proprietary formula for industry leading utilization. Gone are the days of low utilization. Homethrive’s unique value is in our proprietary formula that engages and positively impacts the maximum number of individuals for greater organizational impact. First year utilization captures 40% of eligible caregivers.
  • Perfect balance of high tech and high touch. Dari by Homethrive is the only solution that fully integrates live coaching and navigation with an algorithm-based, self-service digital platform, for expert support 24/7. Employees enroll in and consistently use Dari because it is there for them to provide the right level of expert support when needed. Dari helps employers help their employees bring their whole selves to work and be generally healthier and happier.

What industry problems are we solving with our partnership for HR teams and/or their employees?

 In the face of the “Great Resignation” companies must creatively attract and retain quality, dedicated, and diverse talent. Family caregiving impacts most employees, and women are most negatively impacted; a staggering number are exiting the workforce. For those who remain, stress and worry are taking a huge mental toll, resulting in lost productivity for companies. By partnering with Homethrive, HR teams are giving employees who double as family caregivers the oxygen mask they so badly need to remain present and productive.

What is one thing your company is doing to innovate your product/offering to change the industry?

 We are digital with a human touch. While other companies offer care coordination services, it’s often too high-touch and not scalable, limiting the number of people they can help. Others in the space offer digital-only products that are too high-tech and not personalized enough to be meaningful. Dari by Homethrive strikes the right balance between high-touch and high-tech to help unpaid caregivers wherever they are on their caregiving journey.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about Homethrive and see examples of unique benefit providers out there, check out the PlanSource Partner Marketplace.

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