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Partner of the Week: Headspace for Work

March 15, 2023
Rachel Alfred
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Headspace for Work empowers organizations to prioritize mental wellbeing and guide employees to focus better, stress less, and become resilient. They know your team is at the heart of your success and empowers to care for their minds at work, at home and everywhere in between. Headspace for Work drives high adoption and engagement rates as compared to other solutions, providing an approachable front door to destigmatize and prioritize mental well-being in the workplace.

We are excited to announce Headspace for Work as our Partner of the Week, where we highlight one of our unique PlanSource Marketplace Partners and the value they bring to the benefits industry. We recently sat down to discuss their unique employee benefits and how they support mental/behavioral health within the benefits industry.

What makes your company unique in the benefits space – what key benefits do you provide to employees?

Headspace is a mindfulness and meditation-based mental health benefit that creates lasting change for organizations looking to improve employee happiness and workplace performance, and cultivate a culture of mindfulness.

At Headspace Health, they believe that destigmatizing mental health at the organizational and individual level can help teams thrive. With Headspace, employees have on-demand access to more than 1,000 hours of premium mindfulness content to help them reduce stress and burnout, increase focus and resilience, and help people sleep better at night. Their daily, evidence-based, skill-building routines have been shown to decrease depressive symptoms by 46% and anxiety symptoms by 31% after 8 weeks. Their collections cover a wide array of relevant topics led by a diverse range of teachers and voices so that all members, no matter their background, can see themselves in our content and build compassion at home, work, and in their community.

What industry problems are we solving with our partnership for HR teams and/or their employees?

As the global mental health crisis intensifies, employees are increasingly looking to their employers for support. In Headspace’s annual global survey assessing mental health in the workplace, they found that 94% of CEOs think they do enough to support mental health, while only 67% of employees agree. As employers have historically seen low utilization of mental health benefits through traditional EAPs, many are looking for an engaging and cost effective way to support their employees’ mental health.

By pairing an app loved and tested by millions with employer-facing benefits, Headspace Health opens a wider door to healthy habit-building and everyday wellbeing. Headspace is unique on the market as the only mental health and mental well-being brand that garners instant recognition globally because we’ve spent years earning that credibility and trust. 73% of their customers say the Headspace brand is a key driver of adoption, creating an approachable front door to long-term mental health support.

What is one thing your company is doing to innovate your product/offering to change the industry?

Headspace’s ultimate mission is to transform mental healthcare to improve the health and happiness of the world. By bringing together their world-class meditation and mindfulness offering with on-demand coaching, therapy and psychiatry services, they are creating a single, trusted destination for continuous mental health support. Headspace has an outsized opportunity to proactively focus on prevention by serving a wider population with self-care and subclinical support, well before people reach the point of needing higher-cost care, while ensuring better access to therapy or psychiatry for those who need it. Employers can support their whole population’s mental health needs with better access at an affordable cost, with an option to buy up to Headspace Health’s broad-spectrum, high quality care system.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about Headspace for Work and see examples of unique benefit providers out there, check out the PlanSource Partner Marketplace.

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