Open Enrollment 101: How To Execute A Communications Plan

September 23, 2019

Ty Gowen

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Alright, open enrollment is here and it’s time to execute. If you followed the first part of our guide, you will be in a great place to effortlessly execute your open enrollment. In part 2 of our 3 part series, we’ll introduce you to several tools and resources to help you flawlessly execute your open enrollment communications.

Be sure to download our full Open Enrollment Planning Playbook for an in-depth look at how to plan, execute and measure your OE.

Open Enrollment Stats

As much as one would love to believe that employees are frantically enrolling in benefits as soon as the election period begins, this is simply not the case.

Having a constant stream of communication is essential during the entire open enrollment period to be sure you are reaching employees when it matters most.

Print Templates

Better engage employees and generate buzz around this year’s open enrollment by picking a theme and crafting your communications accordingly. You can ‘kick off’ open enrollment with a sports theme or invite employees on an ‘open enrollment odyssey’ with a space theme. The options are only limited to your imagination!

If you’re short on time or internal resources, check out our free library of themed templates for your printed materials.



Email Templates

Your OE communication plan will include several emails: the initial open enrollment announcement, follow-ups to employees who have not yet enrolled and post-OE sends to gauge satisfaction and solicit feedback.

Save time and download our free email templates to get started.

Educational Materials

Benefits are complicated and insurance terms can be cumbersome. Arm your employees with the resources they need to make the best benefits decisions by providing access to free, on-demand educational materials. This could include a concise benefits ‘cheat sheet’, a comprehensive benefits guide, educational benefits videos and more! 

Video Postcard

We’ve transformed the traditional postcard into a fresh and exciting way to communicate with employees. The video postcard attracts employees first with eye-catching video animation and then draws them in with the information they need most for open enrollment. This is what your announcement could look like: 

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