HR Hacks: 3 Tips for Going Paperless During The Hiring Process

October 3, 2019

Jill Garrison

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With thousands of companies moving towards a digital work environment, the way we recruit, interview and onboard new employees is evolving. The days of paper personnel files and dusty filing cabinets are coming to an end as HR professionals and recruiters are moving everything online. In fact, the digital/remote work environment has become the standard operating mode for at least 50% of the U.S. population, according to Forbes.

Going paperless has many perks, including measurable savings and improved communication and collaboration, which is why many organizations are hopping aboard the paperless train. Going paperless is a process, so proper planning and getting buy-in across HR and operations is key for success. 

If your company is looking to shift from traditional recruiting and onboarding to a completely digital experience, here are some tips to help you cut down on the paper and get your organization on board with a virtual hiring process.

1.) Conduct Digital Interviews 

The power of the internet has allowed HR the convenience to interview and hire people in remote locations through video platforms. The days of printing multiple copies of a candidate’s resume and cover letter for each interview are slowly but surely coming to an end. 

Everything from applications, cover letters and interview notes can all be managed and stored digitally. Online application systems such as, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed all offer services to house, store and manage online job applications. Many employers are also adding online quizzes, video applications and questionnaires as part of the digital interview process. has several recommendations on great platforms for video interviews. Check out their list as a starting point to start scoping out solutions. 

2.) Embrace Digital Onboarding 

Onboarding new employees is a lot of work! From benefits enrollment, payroll forms, internal policies reviews, collecting tax information and signing formal agreements, the hiring process is easily one of the most paper heavy and time-consuming tasks in an office.

Before hitting the print button on your next onboarding packet, consider this: an online or digital orientation package can be just as meaningful as an in-person meeting; it all comes down to execution and adding the human touch. 

Using a robust human capital management solution allows you to conveniently manage all aspects of the onboarding process digitally and guide employees through the paperless onboarding experience. Digital onboarding also ensures that you capture all required employee information and makes it easy to ensure that information stays up-to-date over time.  

You can also save additional time and paper during the hiring process by sending virtual invites to new hires conducing orientation via an online platform like Google Hangouts, Skype or Zoom. This is especially useful for companies with a remote workforce

3.) Digitally Manage Personnel Files 

How much space do dusty filing cabinets take up? If your office has a sizeable personnel paper trail, it’s time to consider moving everything online. Not only does paper storage take up a lot of physical space, but it’s a huge risk if those employee files somehow get damaged or lost. And, it’s expensive! The average four drawer filing cabinet costs $25,000 to fill and $2,000 per year to maintain… yikes! 

Professional digital HR document scanning services can help you organize your personnel files safely and securely as they’re uploaded into an online storage system. Once your files are digital, you can easily store and manage them as needed and free up some coveted office space by getting rid of all those filing cabinets!

An employee’s onboarding experience is their very first impression of your company, so creating a positive user experience from the get-go is key to setting the tone for employee satisfaction and company buy-in. Cutting down on the paper trail and offering employees paperless options shows your company is not only cognizant of the environment and but also investing in a modern, efficient employee experience. 

How reliant is your HR department on paper, and how can you improve your processes for 2020 and beyond?

Sid Soil

Sid is the Founder & CEO of DOCUDavit Solutions, the leading provider for secure document imaging, EMR conversion, document/data management and storage solutions for Canadian businesses. Since inception, they have worked with over 600 medical practices, 200 law firms, and numerous corporations and government departments. They were also recently the 2019 recipient of the Canadian Business Excellence Awards for Private Businesses.

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