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June 10, 2021
Andrea Hatzis
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Building on our Nova Release, we are excited to launch our second product release of 2021 – Halo. In a fast-paced year of industry-advancing enhancements, we are remaining dedicated to offering our customers and end-users a hyper-personalized and efficient benefits management experience. Check out our Halo Release Webpage to access a full breakdown of all the new features and enhancements in Halo, as well as an on-demand preview webinar with our Product Team. Here are some of the key features and enhancements: 

Reducing Costs with AI 

On average, employers end up covering about 6% of dependents that are ineligible, which can cost companies thousands or more in premium. Available now for early adopters, DependentIQ is a dependent verification tool that is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Dependent verification is a complex process and HR teams usually do not have the time and internal resources to monitor it. Pairing DependentIQ with our PlanSource services allows for an end-to-end dependent eligibility process that your HR team never even has to touch. Smart AI/ML automation technology automatically detects key elements in employee submitted documents, like birth certificates and marriage certificates, and instantly verifies them. Preemptively verifying these documents at the time of enrollment will rid your HR team of the burden of post-enrollment audits, ensuring minimized costs and risk 

Learn more about becoming an early adopter. 

Increasing HR Efficiency with Enhancements to Guided Launch & Renewal  

One of the biggest enhancements to Guided Launch and Renewal is the complete redo of our guided testing feature. A large portion of renewal hours are spent within the testing step of Guided Renewal. To strengthen efficiency, Halo is condensing this process into a one-stop testing solution. This allows users to create new test employees, copy coverages, test employees directly, as well as mark off employees as they are tested.   

We are also redesigning the Guided Renewal Dashboard in an effort to reduce friction in the renewal process. We are removing the ‘What’s Changing Survey’ to reduce friction and minimize restarts. Halo offers HR Leaders the ability to complete the renewal process steps – and test them! — in whatever order and at any point they want, making the process more flexible.  

New Login Experience & Custom Branding 

We are excited to release a fresh and modern new look to our benefits login page. In addition to a new login page, Halo offers HR teams to implement company branding in a self-service fashion. Now, they can upload their own logo and brand colors, add a custom login and background images.  

PlanSource Boost 

This July we will be releasing the Sun Life EOI Integration to enhance our Boost program. This will carry two key features: an evidence of insurability single sign on that will allow employees to seamlessly fill out EOI forms within the benefits shopping experience, as well as a decision notification that will retrieve EOI decisions directly from the carrier and update PlanSource automatically.   

HCM Enhancements with UKG Pro 

With Halo comes exciting upgrades to our HCM platform integration with UKG Pro. First, we are adding several new ways of filtering the employees that sync over from UKG Pro into PlanSource to reduce any frictions users may be facing. We found that some employers have international employees who may not qualify for benefits or are terminated. With our updates, HR teams will now be able to filter out those employees, saving valuable time and energy.   

PlanSource will now support HSA Employer Lump Sum Contributions, syncing them directly from our benefits platform to UKG Pro. We are introducing a payroll record partial batching feature, which allows employers to see all valid payroll records in UKG Pro right away, rather than having to fix issues. This will keep systems in sync and allow for greater flexibility when fixing errors.  

We are excited to release these new features and enhancements with Halo. For a deeper dive into the enhancements or to watch the replay of our webinar head over to our Halo Release Webpage.    

Interested in learning more about how PlanSource can save your HR team time and money? Schedule a product demo with our team today! 

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