6 Product Features for a Virtual OE In Our Cosmos Release
October 6, 2020
Jill Garrison
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We understand overworked HR teams are working overtime right now, and every minute saved counts. As more and more employers prepare to kickoff a (nearly) fully virtual benefits open enrollment, we wanted to highlight 6 key features from PlanSource’s latest Cosmos Product Release that’ll help you save serious time and headaches in your next OE season.

1. Optimized Page Content Templates

Save time, boost employee awareness and education, and increase plan participation rates with new pre-optimized and customized page content for PlanSource Boost carriers! We know how time-strapped HR teams are right now. And we also know how important relevant, easy-to-understand educational content is to helping employees make smarter, more confident decisions about their benefits.

That’s why we partnered with 12 Boost carriers to create and customize out-of-the-box page templates within the employee shopping and enrollment experience. By leveraging these carrier-specific, pre-built templates, HR teams can drastically cut down on OE setup time while optimizing the enrollment experience for better benefits understanding, completions and participation.

This optimized Boost page content also reduces the amount of time HR staff spend responding to employee questions, by helping proactively answer and address common benefits questions.

2. New Employee Alerts

HR teams spend a lot of time tracking down incomplete tasks and paperwork. To help take some of the burden off of your team, we’re adding a new notification icon to the main menu to make it easier for employees to see when they have outstanding items that need their attention – like enrollments or document requests.

Pro Tip: Alerts also appear in the PlanSource mobile app, making it even easier for employees to see what’s new and what they need to do – especially now that you can’t drop by their desk until they get it done.

Download our free PlanSource Mobile App Marketing Kit for tips and templates to encourage downloads ahead of your next OE.

3. Add Attachments to OE Emails

New email functionality coming in Cosmos will help HR Admins save serious time – both on the front end by proactively addressing questions and on the back end, by cutting down on day-to-day administrative tasks and follow-ups. You’ll now be able to turn messages on and off, generate test emails, and add attachments to email templates … a great way to tease out educational content ahead of open enrollment.

4. Real-Time Enrollment API

Reconciling errors is tedious and time-consuming enough in a normal OE year. And in a 2021 virtual OE, HR teams just can’t afford any extra minutes for administrative hassle.

Our new real-time Boost Enrollment API with Guardian instantly sends employees’ enrollment info to Guardian as soon as they check out in PlanSource. This real-time delivery of member-level eligibility information eliminates batch EDI files and any discrepancies between systems due to timing issues, which can lead to lack of coverage or a poor service experience.

5. HSA Lump-Sum Contributions

Chasing down employee paperwork ends up eating up a lot of HR Leaders’ time. You want to focus on more strategic tasks, but you also want to make sure employees are actually fully enrolling and participating in the plans they’ve signed up for. It’s an HR Catch-22.

New HSA Lump-Sum Contribution features in PlanSource help change that – giving you at least one less thing to track down during your next virtual OE period. This new feature from our Cosmos Release allows both employees and employers to make lump-sum contributions to employee health savings accounts directly through PlanSource.

Employees can make an initial one-time contribution to their HSA during the enrollment workflow, in addition to setting up a per-pay-period contribution amount. We’ll automatically restrict contribution amounts to stay below the IRS limits to save you the oversight and compliance headaches. Plus, employers can manage lump-sum contributions to employee HSA accounts directly through PlanSource as well – giving you more flexibility in your benefits offerings and way more efficiency in your enrollment workflows.

6. Fully Automated EOI Approval

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any harder to get the signature or filled-out forms you needed …. #COVID. Chasing down employee paperwork during a pandemic has proved especially challenging, so anything that can cut out extra forms or enrollment steps for employees, the better.

That’s why you’ll love new Evidence of Insurability (EOI) updates in Cosmos that eliminate EOI paperwork altogether for both employees and HR teams. Our new Boost Single Sign-On integration with Lincoln Financial Group allows employees to complete Evidence of Insurability during enrollment, directly within PlanSource. We’ll instantly send completed questions to Lincoln and automatically return the approval status and update it within PlanSource – no printing, mailing or paperwork hassles! The Boost EOI API Integration already exists for 7 other Carriers, including Cigna, Guardian, The Hartford, MetLife, Prudential, Unum and Voya.

Additionally, other universal updates to our EOI workflows help simplify the process and increase completion rates for a virtual-first OE experience – including simpler, more user-friendly instructions, using buttons vs. text links to drive immediate action, and the ability to submit the EOI form even after the active enrollment period has closed.

Want to Learn More?

Check out all of the great features from our Q3 Cosmos Product Release here, and let us know which ones are your favorites for pulling off a fully virtual benefits enrollment.

If you’re looking for more tips on how you can pivot for a digital OE, download our complete ‘OE Playbook’ planning guide or schedule a product demo with our team today!

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