7 Innovative Ways To Attract More Candidates Using Benefits
November 14, 2019
Jill Garrison
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In a world of record-low unemployment rates and cutthroat competition for talent, HR teams are seeking new and creative ways to reach potential candidates. The pressure is on to fill candidate pipelines with quality leads, but in a noisy market, how can your company stand out from the crowd?

Attracting top talent takes more effort than just mass posts across job boards. We’ve got 7 actionable tips to help you attract more candidates and fuel your recruiting efforts.

Design an Attractive Careers Page

Does your careers page make your company look like a great place to work? Your careers page is the front page of your recruiting efforts, and it’s critical to make a great first impression. An enticing and engaging careers page has several key components:

  • Showcases brand personality and company culture
  • Lists benefits, perks and differentiators
  • Features real employee testimonials
  • Shares workplace or company awards (if applicable)
  • Provides a mobile-friendly candidate experience
  • Highlight FAQs to cover basic questions candidates might have

Your careers page should do more than just list current openings and/or link to your applicant tracking software. First and foremost, the page should clearly showcase the culture of your company and convey why your company is a great place to work. Using employee testimonials is a powerful persuader, as are listing company benefits and office perks.

What are career page killers? Stock images are painfully obvious and a big no-no. Instead, feature real pictures of your office and employees. Avoid using ‘clever’ job titles like ‘ninja’ or ‘rockstar’. These come across as cheesy and can make it difficult to interpret what the job actually is; keep your job titles intuitive and easy to scan and understand. And finally, avoid overused clichés, like “work hard, play hard”. People get it—most companies like to promote a healthy culture of productivity and fun. Instead of throwing out tired clichés, showcase this in your images and list out specific perks, like ‘quarterly social events’ or ‘annual community projects’.

Looking for a little inspiration? Check out these beautiful and engaging careers pages:

Employee Testimonials

Sure, you know your organization is a great place to work, but why should candidates take your word for it? Let them hear it from a reliable source—your current employees! Employee testimonial videos are well worth the minimal investment and can be used in multiple places (social media, your careers page, etc.) to boost recruiting efforts.


If your team is strapped and doesn’t have the resources for videos, solicit employee quotes and showcase them in those same areas—social media, your careers page—with an employee headshot. These can easily be collected via email or a simple survey of the workforce.

Sponsor Local Events

There’s no better place to recruit candidates than within the local community. Supporting local events is a great way to not only give back to the community but also get recruiters in front of potential candidates. Sponsorships often come with great exposure and a physical booth at the event, so sent your top candidate-facing HR members with some fun company swag out to spread the word about your company and open positions. To make it easier, keep an iPad or computer on-hand to connect with and even collect candidate data for follow-ups.

Leverage Social Media

The average person spends two hours on social media—per day! If social media isn’t part of your recruiting strategy, you could be missing a great opportunity to passively reach a wide net of potential candidates.

LinkedIn is the most natural fit for hard recruiting, with company profiles and job boards readily available. Candidates are also more prepared for direct outreach and networking on LinkedIn versus more personal social channels. And, LinkedIn is the perfect social channel to experiment with paid promotions. Advertising via social media is typically more affordable than other mediums and LinkedIn offers powerful targeting options to help you reach the right audience. You can learn more about LinkedIn advertising solutions for recruiters here.

Other channels, like Facebook and Instagram, are great places to passively reach candidates by showcasing company culture and those employee testimonials we discussed earlier. BambooHR does a great job of this by sharing pictures of employees using their ‘paid paid vacation’ perk.

Remember, social media is a place for people to connect and engage with friends and family. Social media is NOT a place to incessantly blast job openings and blindly message candidates with offers. Instead, take a soft approach and customize your content per channel to ensure your message is well received.

Offer Referral Incentives

Word of mouth is often cited as the most effective form of marketing, so why not take this approach to your recruiting? We’ve already discussed how employees are your most valuable recruiting resource, so why not incentivize them to share the love? Your employees likely have a vast network of talented connections in the same industry. Utilize this network and entice employees to do some recruiting legwork with a referral program.

A recent Career Builder study found that referral hires had the highest ROI and have a much shorter time to hire, and yet only 69% of companies have a formal referral process.

Referral programs are incredibly easy and affordable to implement. A good program will offer motivating incentives (cold, hard cash works best), is clearly communicated and easy to follow through with, and is easy to measure and assess over time.

Use Chatbots

What if you could connect with candidates as they scan your careers page and job listings? Well, now you can! Chatbots are becoming the norm as teams look for better ways to connect with website visitors, so why should this be any different for your careers page? Take the chance to initiate a conversation by personalizing the bot message based on the page.

Your general careers message can be something simple like, “Hi! Welcome to the [company name] careers page. Do you have any questions about our company or open positions?”

Or, if you have job category pages, try something like, “Hi there! We’re always looking for talented engineers to join our team! Do you have any questions about our developer positions?”

Keep in mind that a chatbot is different than a live chat, though the two are often confused. A live chat feature requires real-time help from a dedicated staff member, while chatbots are programmed in advance to provide specific answers to simple questions and can help candidates get the answers they need when it matters most. Bots are available 24/7 and are highly customizable to provide a helpful and engaging experience.

Your marketing team might already have a solution in place. If not, Drift is a great option for teams looking to get started, as are grayscale, go Hire, which are specifically designed for HR teams.

Try Networking Apps

Swipe right to apply? Believe it or not, some companies have adopted the now-famous ‘swipe’ mindset and have applied it to hiring. Bumble Bizz is just one example of a native networking app. Bumble Bizz allows users to upload six unique photos to showcase interests and experience. As the app is geared towards networking, it’s recommended to have someone from HR or recruiting as the face of the company for recruiting purposes. Participants can view profiles and if each party ‘swipes right’ to indicate interest it’s a match. You will then have access to engage with potential candidates and start the formal recruitment process.

Shapr, Lunch Club, and Let’s Lunch offer similar app-based solutions for reaching and networking with new candidates.

Of course, using networking and business apps appeals primarily to a younger, tech-savvy audience and has a more niche application. However, if attracting millennials and gen z’ers is a top priority, having a strong presence and testing the waters of these apps could provide a completely new outlet for HR.

There you have it—our top seven tips to take your candidate recruiting to the next level. Do you have any other tips for attracting top talent? Share your favorite tactics in the comments below!

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