Ask The Industry: 10 Surprising Trends In Employee Engagement
November 7, 2018
Jill Garrison
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‘Employee engagement’ is perhaps one of the most overused buzzwords of 2018, but what does this phrase actually mean, and why is it what all the kids are talking about this year?

Simply put, ‘employee engagement’ refers to creating a workplace where employees give their best every single day, are committed to the common goals and values of the organization and are motivated to actively contribute to organizational success.

This all sounds great in theory – fostering a happy and healthy workforce. But, how well are organizations actually increasing the engagement of their workforce?

Not well, according to a recent CBI workforce study, which indicated that only 12% of respondents were happy with current levels of employee engagement.

We’ve already discussed how simply implementing a technology solution won’t magically fix your employee engagement issues, so what are real companies actually doing to better engage their workforce?

Rather than releasing yet another list of empty tips on how to increase your company’s engagement, we’ve hit the streets (digitally, of course) and asked real industry experts what they are doing to close the gap on engagement. Here’s what 25+ human resources and business management professionals had to say…

Inside The Guide – Top Employee Engagement Tips

Carlos Castelán, Managing Director of The Navio Group

“With an extremely competitive job market, employees more than ever have options if they are not engaged at work and seeking new opportunities. One way for HR teams to get ahead of this is to have regular check-ins with top talent to ensure they’re engaged and working towards their goals. As with almost anything else, it’s easier to retain star employees than to try to replace them – particularly in an age where talent is a limited resource. So, communication is key to engagement and productivity.”

Karen Crone, CHRO at Paycor

“Employees are more engaged when they have work that matters, that allows them to grow and develop and is purposeful. One tip is making sure employees understand and embrace the vision of the business and how they uniquely contribute. At Paycor, we call this our ‘winning aspiration’. A better understanding of where and how we win creates room for autonomy and decision-making which employees crave.”

Mark LaScola, Managing Principal at ON THE MARK

“Employees are intrinsically motivated by their own sense of power, leading them to further engage when given more autonomy over their work. By giving employees an opportunity to be a part of the decision-making processes, they feel higher ownership over their work and as a result are committed through their contributions. The alternative is a parent-child relationship where management mutes the worker’s voice, limits their power and stifles motivation to stay.

This is just a preview of the advice we got from HR leaders from across the nation. Download our full Employee Engagement piece below for details!

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