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3 Revolutionary Ways To Use Social Media For HR
June 25, 2018
Jill Garrison
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*This is a recap of a recent webinar & Bamboo Summit 2018 presentation, you can view our full social media guide for details. 

Are your employee communications limited to a few sparse emails prior to open enrollment and the occasional flyer in the break room? If so, we hate to disappoint you, but your important announcements are missing the mark with employees.

HR managers need to be experts in not only current human resources best practices and regulations, but also at successfully communicating these messages to employees so that they drive action.

How effective is your HR team at actively communicating with and engaging with employees? Are your teams reaching the right employees with the right messages at the right time? Is social media a part of your HR communications strategy?

Let’s dive into a few scenarios where you can apply social media into your HR communications today!

The Case For Better HR Communication

Employee questions are not limited to open enrollment. People get married, children are born, life happens, and many of these important events will have an impact on an employee’s benefits. So why not keep the communication doors open year-round to address these important issues?

It’s no secret that competitive benefits packages can be a powerful tool to attract and retain quality employees. However, those benefits are wasted if the value isn’t effectively communicated to employees. Take a voluntary benefit like ID theft protection, for example. If your team doesn’t know its true value come enrollment time, they will just see it as something that takes money from their paycheck – until the moment that they could’ve used it.

Benefits Fast Facts:

  • 25% of HR professionals say their employee benefits communications efforts are ‘very effective’
  • 35% of HR Professionals say their employee engagement communications efforts are ‘very effective’
  • 50% of HR professionals say that they don’t track or determine how well employees actually understand the benefits available to them

… yet only 3-5% of companies are currently using social media to communicate with employees and benefits!

Why Social Media For HR?

How much time do you think employees actually spend shopping for and educating themselves on their benefits? A few hours, perhaps spread across a few days? It’s gotta be at least an hour, right? Wrong.

[bctt tweet=”A survey released by Aflac revealed that 41% of employees spend 15 minutes or less researching their benefits options. Even worse, 24% spend 5 minutes or less.“]

Now, how much time do you think employees spend mindlessly scrolling through their favorite social media feeds? 109 minutes per day, on average.

It’s time to meet your audience (your employees) where they are – on social media.

Social Media Fast Facts:

  • Social media drives actions, online and offline. People make purchases after learning about a product or service through the platform.
  • Millennials, the largest emerging workforce since the boomers, have a high affinity for the digital world and are the largest consumers of social media.
  • According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers in 2016 claimed that social media was important for their business, 80% indicating that it had true ROI.

Social Media Use Cases

There are three key areas in which social media can help HR shine: benefits enrollment, employee engagement, and recruiting. Let’s take a closer look.

Benefits Enrollment

Social media makes it easy to reach and communicate with employees in an efficient and convenient way. Emails can easily be ignored or forgotten, but well-managed groups and private chat forums make education and communication about employee benefits easier than ever. If you are looking for new ways to engage with employees on pressing HR and benefits topics, consider starting a private company Facebook group for internal communications.

Or, using a chat platform like Slack can make your HR department accessible 24/7 with private and secure conversations at the tip of an employees fingers. Incorporating social media into your benefits communications will make education and enrollment easier than ever.

Employee Engagement

We all have that one friend that just has to take and post a picture of their food before their meal. People like sharing personal experiences with others via social media, so why not encourage employees to share their own work experiences? Develop your own relevant hashtags to compile posts and encourage employees to participate.


Social media is the perfect place to tout your company culture and appeal to potential job candidates. Just as many recruiters and hiring managers will scan a candidate’s public social media feeds prior to an interview, job-seekers are actively seeking information about companies before applying. How well do you convey your work culture across social channels?

Additionally, social media platforms offer advanced targeting options that can help you hone in on specific candidate demographics to help your organization find ideal candidates.

Putting Social Media to Practice

We’ve covered three specific scenarios where you can incorporate social media into your HR strategy – it’s time to get the ball rolling! Here are a few simple steps to get you started:

  • Take a quick poll – see what channels your employees would prefer
  • Set up an HR content calendar – you can download templates on sites like CoSchedule
  • Start the week right with LinkedIn – “This Week at PlanSource” posts go out each Monday promoting webinars, videos, & events happening that week
  • Share Successes & Events – Holiday parties, fundraisers, employees standing out, etc.
  • Brush up on social media best practices to make the most of your efforts

Final Thoughts

Social media isn’t just for cat pictures and memes! Though we certainly appreciate both of those content examples, social media can also be used as a powerful communication and recruitment tool for current and future employees. And social media is fully trackable and offers real-time, actionable insights to help your HR team optimize effectiveness.


Do you want to see more social media & HR in action? Download our free guide for more information

See Social Media & HR Guide


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