3 Employee Benefits Startups To Watch in 2020
February 11, 2020
Jill Garrison
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2019 was an exciting year in employee benefits. We watched several states pass paid maternity leave legislation and saw several companies bring personal health and wellness to the forefront. We also watched several employee benefits startups emerge and mature as companies begin to look for creative ways to diversify benefits and elevate the employee experience.

What new benefits tech companies are making a splash in 2020? We’re glad you asked. We’ve scoured the interwebs and identified three hot employee benefits startups. Check out our favorites, and let us know if we missed any rockstars!

Pilot—Software-Based Employee Coaching 

Empower employees and accelerate performance with software-based employee coaching. Pilot develops top performers through weekly data-driven coaching activities, monthly live video coaching sessions, and custom check-ins and development plans. By investing in employee development, Pilot allows companies to stretch limited budgets further, meet elevated employee expectations, support career development and clearly impact the bottom line.

Learn more about Pilot at https://pilot.coach/. 

Kinside—A Modern Child Care Benefit

Are you looking for a modern solution to support working parents in your workforce? Enter: Kinside. This innovative startup creates an inclusive environment for parents, advances women and families in your workforce, minimizes maternity-related costs and retains talent. How’s that for a value prop? Kinside works by connecting your working parents with reliable, full-time child care they’ll love. Simple, convenient and measurable—what more could you need?

Learn more about Kinside at https://www.kinside.com/ or register to hear Founder and CEO Shadiah Sigala speak at this year’s Eclipse conference.  

Modern Health—Mental Wellness For The Modern Workforce

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for mental health and well-being. Modern Health is the only comprehensive mental health platform that provides access to a full spectrum of resources, ranging from digital courses and meditations to a network of certified coaches and licensed therapists. Take a holistic approach to wellness by providing support for stress and anxiety, financial wellness, relationships, life challenges and so much more.

Learn more at https://www.joinmodernhealth.com/. 

Honorable Mention

These startups didn’t quite fit into the ‘employee benefits’ box but they are making a splash in the world of HR, so we felt it was worth a shout out.

Paradigm IQ—Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

Paradigm partners with companies of all sizes to embed diversity, equity and inclusion into every aspect of their business, from the systems and processes that shape their workforce to the employees and leaders who bring their culture to life. Their robust services include training and development, organizational strategy and transformation, diversity and inclusion training and much more.

You can learn more about Paradigm IQ at https://www.paradigmiq.com/.

Bonusly—Recognition, Rewards and Engagement

Bonusly is an engaging recognition and rewards platform that enriches company culture. The platform works by encouraging frequent and timely recognition by integrating with the communication tools employees use every day. By making rewards and recognition more accessible, companies are able to build stronger teams, tie benefits to core culture objectives, and streamline processes with a single, easy to manage system.

You can learn more about Bonusly at https://bonus.ly/.

Did we miss any hidden gems? Are there other employee benefits startups that deserve recognition? Let us know in the comments!

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