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Rewatch highlights from PlanSource events, or experience them for the first time with videos from keynotes, panel discussions, special segments and more. You will have a front-row seat to one-of-a-kind events and hear presentations from experts and pioneers in the benefits and HR universe.

Eclipse Keynote Address

2018 PlanSource Keynote
Benefits and insurance processes can be incredibly complex, and often, the employee, who we are here to serve, is overlooked and overwhelmed. In the 2018 PlanSource keynote, CEO Dayne Williams and other PlanSource folks unveil new products, services and other innovations, and give insights into how together we can simplify the benefits experience.

2017 PlanSource Keynote
Eclipse kicks off with CEO Dayne Williams and special guests, who will guide you through the twists, turns and intricacies of the ever-changing world of HR and benefits. Watch a demo of a new analytics tool, listen to moving customer stories, get an overview of our API strategy and hear how technology supports each stage in the HR and benefits life cycle.

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2016 PlanSource Keynote
Join PlanSource CEO Dayne Williams as he explores the changing world of HR and benefits and outlines the common purpose that drives us to create a better benefits and HR experience. View some groundbreaking innovations and hear firsthand how our customers are using technology to make a big impact on their businesses and the lives of their employees.

Eclipse Guest Keynote Address

2018 — Never Quit: A Life Built on Successful Missions
with Rob O'Neill

2017 — How Work Can Change
with Glenn Elliott

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2016 Rethinking HR: The Future of Work and Human Resources
 with Ryan Estis

2018 Eclipse General Session Videos

Shots of Success: Ted Talk-style Toasts to Innovative Companies That Have Cracked the Code

The Latest Trends in Enrollment and Communication Strategies

The Power of People-First Technology: How AI Helps Drive Deep Engagement & Efficiency

Cheers to the Future: A look at the not-too-distant future of HR and benefits


Real-World HR: Stories from HR and Benefits Experts

HR and Benefits Strategy: The Digitization of HR

12-Minute Compliance Vignettes: Tips to Avoid Risk, Fines and Damage to Your Brand

2017 Eclipse General Session Videos

2017 —Be Bold! Blowing Up the Way You Approach Health Benefits Can Pay Off

2017 — Happy Hour Hot Potato: A Cocktail of HR Tech Topics Chosen by You!

2017 —Shots of Success: A Speedy Look at Companies That Have Cracked the Code

2016 Eclipse General Session Videos

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2016 — 5 Strategies for Developing Highly Successful People
with Rusty Lindquist

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2016 — Early results on Health Care Exchanges: Good, Bad or Ugly?

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2016 — State of the Market: HR and Benefits Technology Trends

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2016 — The Engagement Bridge
with Glenn Elliott

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Hear from Eclipse 2017 Attendees

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Glenn Elliott
Reward Gateway

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Sally Prather
Marsh & McLennan Agency

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CoSource Meetup
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