The PlanSource API
Customize Your Experience; Be a Shape Shifter

How Does it Work?

An API is not as scary as it sounds. Its simply an interface (an Application Programming Interface to be exact!) that allows our partners to make the PlanSource Platform their own. It goes way beyond switching out a logo here and there and changing the color; it let’s you create a 100% custom experience for your consumers. Kind of like the web version of a shape shifter.

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Make it Your Own


Create a Marketplace
With a customizable marketplace and tailored consumer experience, you can bring singular offer to market that defines your unique brand.


Differentiate Your Brand
Cultivate and differentiate your brand with our white-label solution that allows you to implement your branding, color palette, messaging and content.


Deliver a Unique Experience
Design your own one-of-a-kind consumer experience that integrates seamlessly with the PlanSource benefits engine.


Empower Consumers
Use educational tools and “big data” decision-making algorithms to help employees become smarter consumers of health care.


Go To Market Faster
Position and sell more product through a proven sales and distribution platform that directly reaches customers with a lower cost of acquisition.


Offer Flexibility
Offer plans that are right for employees, yet are cost-effective for employers, helping them avoid penalties associated with the Cadillac Tax.

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