1095-C Printing and Distribution Service

 Take the hassle out of ACA form fulfillment for just $2.50 per form!

Streamline Your ACA Workload

PlanSource’s ACA fulfillment service makes it easy for our ACA clients to print and mail 1095-C forms directly to employees. Our service identifies which of your employees need to receive a 1095-C form, so no manual input is required. You stay compliant, reduce administrative costs, and know the job is done right.


How ACA Fulfillment Works


Opt into our 1095-C ACA Fulfillment Services by filling out the form below. You must be a current PlanSource ACA Reporting customer in order to automatically opt into this service.


You'll receive an invoice for the total number of 1095-C forms we expect to mail on your behalf. Pricing is $2.50 per form if approved ≥15 days prior to IRS deadline and $3.00 per form approved within 15 days.


Submit payment for your fulfillment invoice. We cannot move your forms to printing and mailing prior to receiving payment.


We'll automatically notify you once your 1094-C and 1095-C forms are ready for review and approval within PlanSource. We cannot move your forms to printing until they have been approved.


Once your approved forms and payment have been received, PlanSource will take it from there! Our ACA team will pull your approved 1095-C forms from the system, and print and mail them by the IRS deadline.


We'll send you an invoice containing any credits or additional fees owed, based on the final number and approval date of forms printed, if applicable.

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