About Tuition.io Student Loan Contribution 

Established in 2012, Tuition.io is the nation's first and most comprehensive employer-funded student loan repayment assistance program . Providing companies with assistance in designing a meaningful employee benefit, the means to confidently and securely deliver ongoing payments to employees' valid student loans. Tuition.io is helping companies like HP, Staples and Fidelity recruit, retain and engage their college-educated workforce.

Why it’s Important

Employees who feel valued are more likely to stay. Committed, talented employees can be your biggest competitive advantage.

Flexible program allows employer to co-brand and design a custom plan to scale to any budget plan

Extensive visibility and reporting for 100% secure payment reconciliation directly to employees’ Student Loan Servicers administered through a dedicated employer portal

Two-thirds of the nation’s student loan debt is held by people over age 30, and they hold the highest loan balances of all borrowers.

Employees Benefit

As part of the PlanSource suite of product offerings, Tuition.io helps employers provide an innovative benefit to their employees. Through PlanSource’s modern and intuitive benefits administration solution, Tuition.io increases employee engagement and retention by providing a program for employers to help reduce student loan debt and create more productive, happy employees.

Improve recruitment by offering an innovative and attractive benefit to your employees

Comprehensive and objective student loan tools help employees navigate repayment and understand federal forgiveness programs

ISO 27001 certified for highlest level of information security and employee privacy

Increase engagement by offering a benefit that really helps employees

Help employees reduce payment delinquency by 20%

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