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Secure and Hassle Free
rapid! PayCard is a safe way for employees to collect, manage and spend their hard-earned money.

Reduce Cost
Expanding direct deposit participation will generate significant cost savings of printing and delivering checks and wage statements.

Improve Efficiency
By eliminating paper checks, your exposure to check fraud, lost checks and off-cycle payment problems are lessened.

Increase Corporate Responsibility
Higher participation in direct deposit programs is a simple, safe and smart way to have a positive impact on the environment.

Convenience, Security and Value
rapid! PayCard is a powerful financial service for employees who do not have traditional banking relationships.

Maintain Compliance
rapid! PayCard maintains adherence to state and federal regulations while keeping clients up to date and well-informed of such laws.

With Benefits That Matter


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rapid! PayCard is a comprehensive benefit and ePayroll program that eliminates paper in the payroll office. The PayCard is a secure and convenient financial service for employees who do not have traditional banking relationships, eliminating the time and money spent printing and distributing physical paychecks and paystubs. PayCards benefit your employees, bottom line and the environment.

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Through PlanSource’s HCM platform you can provide your employees with a secure and versatile ePayroll program. Employees can collect, manage, and spend their hard-earned money through rapid! PayCard. With PlanSource’s secure cloud-based technology you can help your employees get paid on time, accurately, and efficiently, with options that work for them.

PlanSource is a technology company driven to create a better benefits and HR experience for employers and their employees. We offer flexible and intuitive software for benefits administration, insurance exchanges and human capital management. Our complete cloud-based technology helps employers with benefits shopping, enrollment, billing, compliance and administration.

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PlanSource is a Cloud-Based Benefits Administration and Human Capital Management Solution Built For Brokers and Employers

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