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Wealth, Charitable Giving
Double your employee engagement in Corporate Philanthropy. Teams can easily create campaigns, match employee donations, and volunteer together. Save your time and stop using spreadsheets to track your social impact.
What makes us special:
Selflessly is a certified B Corporation & minority owned, LGBTBE. We love supporting awesome causes and we even donate $25 to your favorite cause for taking a product demo with us. Many studies show how employees love giving back and volunteering! The ROI is clear. Give employees an easier time participating in your team’s social impact initiatives.
HR and Culture Leaders can use Selflessly to increase employee engagement and streamline your social impact initiatives. Your team can easily donate, volunteer, match donations and create giving campaigns together.

Our dashboard is simple to navigate, and users can quickly find ways to get involved. Our Selflessly support team is quick to respond and provides excellent customer service. Teams can easily put all CSR activities under one umbrella with Selflessly. Our companies love Selflessly, and their employees have an easier time participating in CSR activities.

Donation Matching in Minutes! 
Everything you need to set up and automate an employee matching gift program. Simply approve the employee match request, and we do the rest! 
Double Your Participation!
By giving employees a centralized location and a better experience, engagement will go up!
Free Up Your Staff Time!
We all have full schedules, you have to find ways to save your time, while still giving employees the experience they want & deserve.
We would have spent at least 10 hours per week trying to track this without a platform, and now less than 1 hour per week. Selflessly is so helpful!
Jillian W.
Large US-based Tech Company with a Hybrid Work Culture

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